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Exploring the New Qualtrics Insight Platform

Presented April 26, 2016

Qualtrics is rolling out a new Insight Platform which will ultimately replace the previous Research Suite, and it’s more than a name change. Qualtrics has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new look and improved functionality. Until June 21, users may toggle between the new and the old, after that the Insight Platform becomes permanent. This workshop helped prepare for the upcoming changes by providing hands-on walk through of the new dashboard, guiding participants through the changes and highlighting what’s new.

The workshop addressed questions such as:

  •  Where did the menus go?  What happened to panels?
  •  What happens to existing surveys and data?
  •  Why did Qualtrics do this?
  •  How is the University managing Qualtrics now that it is enterprise-wide?

This workshop was intended for all interested faculty, staff, and students that are currently active Qualtrics users.  


Heather Lansky
Quality Data Manager, EHE Office of Research, The Ohio State University


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