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Quantitative Analysis: Structural Equation Modeling & Multilevel Modeling

Presented November 6, 2014

This workshop introduced quantitative researchers to two of the most exciting and emerging new methods, structural equation modeling (SEM) and multilevel modeling (MLM). The goal of SEM is to provide quantitative tests of theoretically derived models, often involving latent variables. The goal of MLM is to build and test regression-like models when there are data at two or more levels (e.g., student, class, school). Both of these methods have already taken their place in the quantitative methodological tool chest, and thus some knowledge of these methods is becoming increasingly important, both for consumers and for those actively conducting quantitative research. Basic concepts and principles were presented along with illustrative applications involving software packages.



Richard Lomax and Ann O’Connell, Professors
Quantitative Research, Evaluation & Measurement Program (QREM)
EHE Department of Educational Studies


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