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Qualtrics Assistance

Qualtrics is a powerful survey tool available to Ohio State faculty, staff and students. The EHE Office of Research has created and curated several resources, including webinars and FAQs, to help users get the most out of Qualtrics.

Getting Access

To use Qualtrics, you must have a valid Ohio State username and password.

For EHE faculty, staff, and students - Complete the request form

All other campus users - contact your Division Administrator

Webinar Archive

Links to the recordings of previous Qualtric Corner webinars:

Qualtrics Use Cases at EHE

Other Resources

Free online tutorials – Qualtrics University

How to Insert an EHE logo into a Generic Qualtrics Theme (PDF)

How to Use an Inline Email Question (PDF)

Text for Use with Shibboleth Authentication (PDF)

If it has been a year or more since you have used Qualtrics, you may also want to view this presentation which is an overview of the changes made by Qualtrics in 2016. PowerPoint Slides | View Video

Other FAQ

What level of data can be collected and stored in Qualtrics?
Qualtrics has been reviewed by Information Security. The Information Security Advisory Board has approved collecting and storing up to S3 (private data) in Qualtrics. To learn more about the data classifications levels please visit these OSU policies:

How do I collaborate on my survey or share data with someone outside of Ohio State?
First, determine if your data and projects are allowed to be shared with non-Ohio State researchers or collaborators. The following links will help with this evaluation:

Researchers and other people you collaborate with who are not affiliated with Ohio State are responsible for acquiring/purchasing their own Qualtrics accounts. Once you have determined that your data and projects can be shared, contact your Division Administrator for further assistance.

I am a student. What happens to my account when I graduate?
Once you graduate, you will have access to your Qualtrics account as long as the following are true:

  • Your Ohio State Username and password are active and allow you to log in
  • University maintains a contract with Qualtrics

I am a faculty/staff employee. What happens to my Qualtrics account if I leave the university?
Should you leave the university, you will have access to your Qualtrics account only if your Ohio State Username and password remain active.

I am a faculty/staff employee. What happens to my Qualtrics account if I change Departments/Units within the university?
Contact your Division Administrator to have your account moved to your new department/unit.

I plan to transfer my Qualtrics account to another institution, what do I need to do?
Take the following steps to request the transfer in a timely manner:

  1. Go to the Technology and Commercialization Office (TCO)’s Innovate site at
  2. Click on “Request a New CDA or MTA”
  3. Select the type of agreement – “MTA Out”
  4. Select the type of material “Data”
  5. Complete the questions
  6. Click submit

Be aware that staff and students will need prior authorization from the director of their department and the Vice President of their division (or his/her designee).

After the TCO grants approval inform your Division Administrator who will contact a Brand Administrator to authorize the export the contents of your Ohio State Qualtrics account.

Note: During account transfers, some data or access to data may be lost, such as shared projects, shared contacts and shared library files. It is recommended that once your Division Administrator provides approval, export shared surveys and data before your account is transferred.

Where can I find out more about the policies and protocols for managing data collected and stored in my OSU Qualtrics account?