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Bachelor of Science in Education, Child and Youth Studies: Creative Pedagogies in Education specialization

Discover how to create engaging learning environments that emphasize expression of understanding in multiple modes and a culturally relevant manner in our new specialization for the bachelor’s program in Child and Youth Studies.

The Creative Pedagogies in Education specialization prepares you for a career working with young children and youth in support of collaborative, child-focused practices. You also will learn how children’s inquiry and expression of thought can be fostered in an arts-inspired manner.

When you choose the Creative Pedagogies in Education specialization, your coursework is determined by the age range of children you wish to work with professionally - either young children, from birth to age 5, or older elementary children to young adult learners.

For students wishing to work with very young children: high quality early care and education in the first five years promotes the development of a strong foundation for children. Nationally and locally, there exists a growing need for professionals who are able to create environments that embrace young children’s potential and possibilities. Focusing on this age range, you will learn about the foundational principles of the internationally renowned philosophy originating from Reggio Emilia region of Italy. This philosophy, aligns with sociocultural theory, expanding upon the importance of relationships, the image of the child, involvement of families and the focus on the child’s ideas in the creation of learning opportunities and environments.

For students wishing to work with older elementary to adult: expanding upon traditional methodology recognized as best practice, you will learn how to incorporate creative strategies housed within the arts to create optimal learning environments. Students will gain knowledge and experience in framing the learning opportunities within dramatic inquiry and expression through the creative arts.

What you learn in the program, you will put into practice through fieldwork, working with groups of learners in educative settings, outside of the traditional classroom. Coursework in the Creative Pedagogies in Education specialization include teaching and learning with drama and arts-based strategies. The curriculum also teaches you essential elements of inclusive practice, family involvement and sociocultural concepts of learning.

Graduates of this non-licensure program will be able to base their practice in knowledge of children’s development, approaches toward learning and a respectful image of the child. This practice fosters in-depth inquiry in collaborative settings which involves rethinking the role of the learner, the family and the educator.


  • Early or Middle Childhood Teaching and Learning
  • Drama and Arts-Based Learning
  • The Reggio Emilia approach to Educational Philosophy
  • Professional Field Experience

Career Paths

Students who successfully complete the Child and Youth Studies Creative Pedagogies in Education specialization have a number of career options available. These career paths include:

  • Lead teacher in an early care and education setting serving children ages birth to 5
  • Administrator in an early care and education setting
  • Education specialist in after school programming
  • Children’s museums (art, science, history, or exploration)
  • Educational liaison in public/private educational partnerships
  • Community-based outreach programs (i.e., Freedom Schools)
  • Non-profit community organizations working with families and educators
  • Advocacy for families and public policy


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