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Child and Youth Studies: Individualized Studies

The field of education has many pathways to make an impact in the lives children and families. In the individualized studies specialization, you have the flexibility to create your own path or continue the one you are on to achieve your career goals.

The Child and Youth Studies program individualized studies specialization allows you to:

  • Bring prior Ohio State education coursework with you
  • Continue to pursue your education career goals and graduate on time
  • Develop an individualized plan focused on early childhood education, middle childhood education or language and literacy development
  • Customize a unique program in child and youth studies
  • Create a pathway to a Master of Education teacher license program

Throughout the program, you will complete fieldwork in community-based education programs to broaden your perspectives of the relationships between children, families, schools and communities.

Your fieldwork will expand your understanding of the sociocultural approach to education, enhance your teaching skills, and prepare you to work in a variety of education environments.

A yearlong internship and culminating capstone project provide you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the classroom and share your knowledge and skills in a meaningful way with the community.

Community internship details

Featured Courses

  • Arts-Based Integrated Learning
  • Children’s Literature
  • Early Childhood Pedagogy
  • Literacy, New Media, and Creative Pedagogies
  • Reading Multicultural Literature across the Curriculum
  • Teaching and Learning with Drama

Career Paths

Students who successfully complete the Child and Youth Studies Individualized Studies specialization are prepared to pursue a post-baccalaureate or graduate teacher licensure program or a variety of other interesting career options, including:

  • Administrator, Teacher, Home Visitor – Community-Based Early Care and Education Programs
  • Caseworker, Regulatory Specialist – Government Agencies
  • Education Director, Outreach Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator – Community Action Organizations
  • Education Specialist – Youth Development Organizations and Arts Organizations
  • Education Liaison – Public/Private Partnerships
  • Museum Educator, Program Coordinator – Museum Programs
  • Program Manager – Non-profit Organizations
  • Service Coordinator, Family Support Coordinator, Policy Analyst – Advocacy Organizations
  • Tutor, Program Manager – Tutoring and School Support Programs


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