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Foreign, Second and Multilingual Language Education, Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning

Combining theory, research and practice, the master’s program prepares foreign language and TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) professionals to engage in meaningful and effective practice across a variety of educational settings.

Our faculty have lived, studied and taught around the world. The strong international orientation of the program emphasizes understanding of key educational issues in the United States. At the heart of our program is a deep commitment to a vision of education that embraces diversity, social justice and equity.

My experiences at Ohio State University have been exciting and enriching in so many ways. Not only did I meet many interesting people and make strong professional connections, I also had the opportunity to delve into methods and theories of English as a Second Language and to conduct multiple research projects. The curriculum is well balanced and includes all of the main aspects one may encounter when teaching ESL. My professors encouraged my interests, allowing me to tailor my assignments to areas that interest me the most.

- Irina Zakharchenko, 2020

Pride in the past, eyes to the future

As one of the oldest language education programs in the United States, we have trained many language educators who have made an impact in the U.S. and other countries since the Foreign Language Teacher Training program was first established in the 1950s and the master’s TESOL program in 1967.

Many graduates of the program also pursued further doctoral studies and have become renowned scholars and academic leaders in countries across the globe. The pride in our past is the same as we look to the future – training high-quality language educators and world-class scholars is our commitment to you.


Deadline to Apply: 
March 15/September 14
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Alan Hirvela, PhD, Professor and FSMLE Convener
Leslie Moore, PhD, Associate Professor
Peter Sayer, PhD, Associate Professor
Francis Troyan, PhD, Associate Professor
Youngjoo Yi, PhD, Associate Professor