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International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Certifying Strand

The Ohio State University offers 3 courses (9 credit hours) that meet the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Knowledge and Practice Standards to prepare teachers to take the IDA national certifying exam. Successful completion of the Certification Exam for Educators of Reading Instruction (CEERI) leads to IDA recognition of competence for teaching literacy skills to students with dyslexia and related reading problems, as a Tier I Structured Literacy Teacher. The coursework includes basic and advanced Orton-Gillingham strategies for decoding and comprehension taught by IDA certified trainers. It is recommended that candidates take the exam soon after completing the certifying strand. Completion of this coursework does not lead to a university nor a state of Ohio certificate/credential.

  1. EDUTL 7430*: Phonics, Word Study, and Complexities of English Orthography (3 hrs.)
    Students will learn the historical influences on contemporary American-English spellings, study the technical vocabulary associated with phonics, word study, & English orthography, including, how to administer and analyze appropriate assessments for elementary and middle school students; and, how to implement instruction to support student learning.
    *This course is only offered at the graduate-level; therefore, candidates must have graduate non-degree enrollment or be graduate degree-seeking students to be eligible to register.
  2. EDUTL 5470**: Assessment and Instruction for Struggling Readers (3 hrs.; Prerequisites: EDUTL 5468 and 5469)
    Provides students with an introduction to theories, assessments, and instructional practices that effectively address the literacy needs of struggling and at-risk readers.
  3. EDUTL 5471**: Clinical Practice in Treating Reading Disabilities (3 hrs.; Prerequisite: 5470)
    Students will use test materials in the diagnosis of reading disabilities; practice with remedial procedures.
    **These courses may count toward the Reading Endorsement IF completed at the graduate-level and within 10 years. They do not meet IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards if completed prior to 2014.

Recommended sequence is 7430 in Spring, 5470 in Summer, and 5471 in Autumn. Requests for exceptions or substitutions must be coordinated by T&L Academic Services. Candidates are required to provide a course syllabus (if applicable) and a statement of request for the appropriate faculty to review and make a final decision.

Obtaining your certification: The completion of the above coursework academically prepares students to complete the Tier I Structured Literacy Teacher IDA Certifying Examination. To complete your examination and apply for your certification please go to: Please note: Becoming nationally certified requires the $150 exam fee, $50 yearly dues, and 10 IDA approved CEU’s per year.