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Bachelor of Science in Education, Science and Mathematics Education

With a degree in Science and Mathematics Education from Ohio State, you are not only getting the best education to teach students, you also will put into practice what you’ve learned through opportunities in real education settings. This accredited program prepares you with the methods and pedagogy needed to become a successful teacher and the preparation to land your first teaching position.


The Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd) program in Science and Mathematics Education leads to an initial four-year Ohio license to teach seventh through 12th grades.

School districts across Ohio and the country are seeking highly skilled science and math teachers. And our program provides the education and experiences that will lead you to fulfilling career in education.

You can choose from five specializations in the College of Education and Human Ecology: math, chemistry, life sciences, physics and earth sciences. There also are opportunities for additional specializations during your undergraduate education.

From the beginning of the program, you will experience what it means to be a teacher. The First Education Experience Program gets you into schools to explore a variety of professions. We also partner with the Center for Science and Industry, the No. 1 science center in America, for engaging, summer volunteer teaching opportunities for both math and science students.

In your field teaching experiences, you’ll work with carefully selected and trained teacher mentors in middle and high school classrooms at urban and suburban school districts.

You’ll use these experiences to shape your understanding of curriculum development, teaching methods, child psychology and development, diversity and inclusion, among other areas.

Students in this highly competitive program are supported by a faculty adviser, program manager, and experienced faculty and advising staff who help guide you through successful completion of the program. This support network also prepares you for interviews and how to leverage your degree to get your first job.

Career Paths

Graduates may seek teaching positions in grades 7-12 at public and private schools. Ohio’s high standards for teacher preparation also could qualify you for employment as teachers anywhere in the United States. Many opportunities also exist within the community and public sector, including positions as educational editor for curriculum creation and textbooks, educational consulting, instructional coordinator, volunteer coordinator or curriculum specialist.


The BSEd in Science and Mathematics Education is a competitive program. Acceptance into the full major is not guaranteed by completing the minimum requirements.

Deadline to apply: January 15
Program start: Autumn semester
Sample Coursework: Methods in Mathematics and Science Education; Equity and Diversity in Education; Evaluation and Instructional Decision-Making in STEM Education
Other requirements: Student teaching field placements in diverse classrooms

PDF iconChemistry Education curriculum
PDF iconEarth Sciences Education curriculum
PDF iconLife Sciences Education curriculum
PDF iconMathematics Education curriculum
PDF iconPhysics Education curriculum

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