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Bachelor of Science in Education, World Language Education

Want to teach French or Spanish? Become a world language teacher. The Bachelor of Education (BSEd) program in World Language Education leads to a baccalaureate degree and initial Ohio teaching license.

Having learned Spanish in school with the typical grammar-based instruction with lots of boring and repetitive exercises, it was refreshing to learn how to teach world languages in an engaging, communicative manner that would prove so much more useful to my future students. It made me wish that I had learned Spanish in the same manner. Furthermore, the professors, who are extremely knowledgeable in the field, are devoted to helping you become the best language teacher you can possibly be; you will be pushed academically, while simultaneously forming an intense passion for your career.
Margaret "Mo" Burke, 2016
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, Costa Rica


The BSEd program in World Language Education prepares teacher candidates in the both the language proficiency and the pedagogical knowledge and skill required to be licensed to teach in K-12 settings in the State of Ohio. 

As a pre-service world language educator, you will experience what it is like to teach in real classrooms experiences early. We also have opportunities to take what you learn from your professors and immediately apply it through these valuable field experiences.

Once you complete the necessary requirements (including language courses, the oral proficiency interview, and the writing proficiency test, and foundational education courses), you are eligible to enter the final year of the program which includes an intensive field experience and student teaching. 

During the autumn semester, coursework accompanies the field experience in a world language classroom. You will develop the use of three core practices for world language teaching, as well as other essential skills in planning, instruction and assessment. In the spring, you will complete a full-time student teaching experience and a performance assessment of teaching called the edTPA.

Ohio State academic programs are designed to prepare students for licensure or certification in Ohio. If you plan to pursue licensure or certification in a state other than Ohio, please review state educational requirements for licensure and certification at

Career Paths

World language teachers are in high demand, especially in Ohio. The high teacher preparation standards and the education you get at Ohio State will well position you for teaching careers in Ohio’s K-12 public and private schools. This high-quality preparation may also make transferring your licensure credentials to other states a possibility, depending on the policies and requirements of the state.


Program Start: 
Autumn semester

Major readiness check deadline: January 15
Sample Coursework: Core practices in world language education, secondary methods in world language education, adolescent learning and development, equity and diversity in education
Other requirements: Strongly encouraged to major in French or Spanish and pursue a language- and cultural-immersion experience before final year to enhance language proficiency and to successfully complete the oral proficiency interview and the writing proficiency test assessments. Students admitted into the major complete field placements at elementary and secondary grade levels during the third and fourth years of the program. A year-long placement (typically at a high school) culminates in 15 weeks of full-time student teaching in the final semester. 
Academic opportunties: Opportunities for research and advanced undergraduate study with World, Second, and Multilingual Language Education faculty members may be available for exceptionally-performing majors. 

Students are directly admitted to the World Language Education program. A major readiness check, due January 15, through TK20, showing nearly all pre-major and GE courses, evidence of meeting the minimum GPA, as well as completion of two essays is required to begin coursework within the major.

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