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Core Practices in World Language Education - Online Graduate Certificate

The Online Graduate Certificate Program in Core Practices in World Language Education engages practicing World Language teachers from across the United States in a rigorous, reflective professional cohort that supports them in improving their World Language teaching practice. 

Core practices have been defined as those practices that are essential to successful classroom teaching and student learning, and are possible for teachers to learn and enact in their classrooms. By participating in this online graduate certificate program, World Language teachers will not only improve their classroom practice, they will more effectively engage their students in learning activities across the three modes of communication, and thereby better help their students to develop proficiency in the world language. 

This graduate certificate program consists of 12 credit hours, which include the following courses:

  • EDUTL 5600 Language as a Resource - 3 hrs
  • EDUTL 5613 Core Practices in WL Education - 3 hrs
  • EDUTL 5645 Core Practices in Language Assessment - 3 hrs
  • EDUTL 5618 Advanced Core Practices in WL Education - 3 hrs

    These courses build participating teachers' ability to understand the theory that informs effective practice for instruction and assessment in the world language classroom, while they simultaneously enact those theories in practice with their students.


    Minimum Program Hours: 

    Minimum requirements for admission include:

    • A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
    • Be teaching in a world or foreign language classroom

    International applicants need 85 TOEFL score

    Minimum previous education: Bachelor's degree

    Application Materials:

    1.  All transcripts from previous university and college institutions
    2. Letter of support from supervisor on school letterhead
    3. Statement of purpose 
    4. Resume
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