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Application Process for Licensure-Only Programs

Application Deadline and Admission Term

Program Deadline Admission Term
Teaching Visual Impairments March 15th Autumn Semester

Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the online application. Please note that you must create an account (username and password) by clicking on the “Admissions” tab to be able to complete and submit this form. After logging in, choose the appropriate application for Teaching Visual Impairments (TVI).
  2. In the application, you must indicate whether or not you want to pursue a Master’s degree (the Masters of Arts or MA) along with the TVI licensure-only program. Please note that there is a separate application process for the MA program and admission to the TVI licensure-only programs does not guarantee admission to the MA in Sensory Impairments and Inclusion. If you specify that you want to pursue the Master’s degree, you will be contacted by the T&L Academic Services to complete the additional steps.
  3. Prepare your Application Materials: You will be required to upload these documents to submit with the online application. All documents must be submitted in PDF format. For instructions on how to convert a document to PDF, please visit this website.
    • Resume: No more than two (2) pages
    • Personal Statement:   
      1. Academic and professional background
      2. Your reasons for wanting to enter the TVI Licensure-only Program at Ohio State.
      3. Professional goals, personal strengths, limitations and life experiences that may be pertinent to your work as an TVI professional.   
    • Transcripts: All post-secondary institutions outside of Ohio state. Please note you should submit all transcripts as one PDF document.
    • PDF iconReference Feedback Form: This document is also available in the online TVI application and needs to be completed and submitted to 227 Arps Hall or by each of your references.
  4. Submit your application and supporting materials by the corresponding deadline. Due to the competitiveness of the TVI licensure-only programs, late applications will not be accepted.

**All communication regarding admissions decisions will be via email. Please ensure that you include a current email address in order to receive information in a timely manner.