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How to Apply

We’re excited you are ready to apply for admission to The College of Education and Human Ecology. To make the application process as easy and smooth as possible, we have outline a step-by-step process to ensure you have everything you need to apply.

If you have questions about the application process or would like to speak with an advisor, contact:

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PhD  EdS  MA  MEd  BSEd  Endorsement  Licensure-Only

Admissions considerations – Faculty in the Department of Teaching and Learning consider a number of factors in admission decisions. These include the qualifications of prospective students, the alignment of the prospective student’s interests with program goals and the research and scholarship of faculty and previous experiences in educational settings. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to review faculty research and scholarship interests prior to applying. 

PhD and EdS Programs

Application Deadlines:

Program Admission Term Deadline
 All PhD and EdS programs  Autumn Semester  Dec. 1

MA Programs

Application Deadlines:

Program Admission Term Deadline
 All MA Programs
   (U.S. and Int'l Applicants)
 Autumn Semester  March 15
 All MA Programs
   (U.S. Applicants)
 Spring Semester  Sept. 1

*International applicants (particularly those who are sponsored and/or funded) seeking admission for the Teaching and Learning Master of Arts (MA) in Spring semester (begins January) or Summer Term (begins May) should contact T&L Academic Services at  to request permission to do so.

MEd Programs

Application Deadlines:

Program Admission Term * Deadline

 All Licensure areas for the MEd
EXCEPT Hearing Impairments and Visual Impairments

 Summer Term (June)

 Nov. 15

 Visual Impairments  Autumn Semester  Nov. 15
 Hearing Impairments  Autumn Semester  June 9

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BSEd Programs

Application Deadlines:

Program Admission Term Deadline
 All BSEd programs  Autumn Semester  Early action - Nov. 1
 Regular - Feb. 1
 All BSEd programs  Spring Semester  Oct. 1

Endorsement Programs

You can begin taking Endorsement coursework any semester or term (Autumn, Spring, or Summer) provided that the classes you need are offered. Please refer to the “Course Level” column from the table below to determine which endorsements can be completed at either the undergraduate (U) or graduate (G) level and which must be completed only at the graduate (G) level. To enroll at the university, please refer to Step 2 of the Endorsement Checklist.

Program Course Level
 Early Childhood Generalist  U or G
 Middle Childhood Generalist  U or G
 P-6 Mathematics Specialist  G only
 Reading  G only
 TESOL  G only

Licensure-Only Programs

Application Deadlines:
If you have questions, please call the T&L Academic Services at 614-292-2332 to schedule an advising appointment.

Program Admission Term Deadline
 Visual Impairments Licensure  Autumn Semester  June 1