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Outreach Programs and Centers

A variety of affiliated programs and centers have been established to help the Department of Teaching and Learning fulfill its mission of promoting scholarship, preparation and continuing education of teachers, and diversity. Efforts are made to facilitate relationships among school faculty, staff, and graduate students and the affiliated units.

American Language Program
The American Language Program (ALP) serves graduate and undergraduate students who have not yet reached the level of English proficiency required for regular academic admission. Most ALP students plan to pursue an academic program at The Ohio State University, but many go on to study at other institutions.

International Data Evaluation Center
The International Data Evaluation Center (IDEC) is an ongoing research project of the Department of Teaching and Learning that processes evaluation research data for all Reading Recovery® programs in the United States.

Literacy Collaborative
Literacy Collaborative is a comprehensive school reform project designed to improve the reading, writing, and language skills of elementary and middle school children. This dynamic, long-term professional development program trains school-based literacy coaches in research-based methods; provides ongoing professional development as they continually implement research-based approaches in their own classrooms; and supports coaches as they provide on-site training for the teachers in their schools. The goal of this comprehensive effort is to significantly raise the level of achievement for all students.

Reading Recovery Council of North America
Reading Recovery is a highly effective short-term intervention of one-on-one tutoring for low-achieving first graders. The Reading Recovery Council of North America, Inc. is a not-for-profit association of Reading Recovery professionals, advocates, and partners. The Council provides a network of opportunities for leadership and professional development. It is an advocate for Reading Recovery throughout North America.