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Hospitality Management Bachelor's Degree

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A bachelor's degree in hospitality management prepares you for professional management careers in the hospitality-tourism industry. With opportunities for multiple internships and substantial support from the Hospitality Management Industry Advisory Board, our program develops students into future hospitality management leaders.

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Interested in changing your major to Hospitality Management? Current EHE students interested in switching their major to Hospitality Management can call the Undergraduate Student Services Office at 614-292-9261 to schedule an appointment. Non-EHE students who are interested in changing their major to Hospitality Management must complete an information session prior to meeting with an academic advisor.

Complete the Hospitality Management information session

Hospitality Management is a non-competitive major. Once a student meets the following requirement, he or she will automatically enter the full major. 

  • 2.00 or higher cumulative Ohio State GPA