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Human Nutrition – Dietetics

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A bachelor's degree specializing in dietetics is your first step to becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist. Our comprehensive approach to food, nutrition, and diet will help you become an expert, teaching people how to make healthful food choices to maintain healthy minds and bodies.

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Interested in changing your major to Human Nutrition - Dietetics? Current EHE students interested in switching their major to Human Nutrition - Dietetics can call the Undergraduate Student Services Office at 614-292-9261 to schedule an appointment. Non-EHE students who are interested in changing their major to Human Nutrition - Dietetics must complete an information session prior to meeting with an academic advisor.

Complete the Human Nutrition - Dietetics information session

Human Nutrition – Dietetics is a competitive major. Students should make every attempt to complete all courses listed below prior to applying. There is no guarantee students will be accepted into the full major by completing the minimum requirements successfully.

Minimum Full Major Expectations

  • 2.5 or higher cumulative Ohio State GPA
  • 15 OSU Semester Credit Hours
  • ENGLISH 1110
  • Math Placement M or higher, MATH 1148 or equivalent
  • BIO 1113
  • CHEM 1210
  • CHEM 1220
  • Personal statement about career goals and nutrition-related work or volunteer experience

Application Deadline: Second Friday of every semester (summer, autumn, and spring).