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Human Nutrition - Nutrition Sciences

Specializing in nutrition sciences will lay the groundwork to understanding metabolism and how nutrients play a role in human health and disease. Your strong science-focused undergraduate curriculum will be enhanced through internship experiences and nutrition research opportunities.

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Interested in changing your major to Human Nutrition - Nutrition Sciences? Current EHE students interested in switching their major to Human Nutrition - Nutrition Sciences can call the Undergraduate Student Services Office at 614-292-9261 to schedule an appointment. Non-EHE students who are interested in changing their major to Human Nutrition - Nutrition Sciences must complete an information session prior to meeting with an academic advisor.

Complete the Human Nutrition - Nutrition Sciences information session

Nutrition Science is non-competitive. Once a student meets the following requirements, he or she should be automatically changed into the full major.

  • 15 Ohio State Semester Credit Hours
  • 2.5 or higher cumulative Ohio State GPA
  • ENGLISH 1110.0#
  • MATH 1148, 1130, or higher
  • BIO 1113
  • CHEM 1210
  • CHEM 1220