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Declaring a Major and/or Minor in EHE

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How to switch into the College of Education and Human Ecology

Students who are interested in declaring a major in EHE must first meet with an EHE Academic Advisor. Students can schedule an appointment by calling our office at 614-292-9261.

Competitive vs. Non-Competitive Majors in EHE

The College of Education and Human Ecology offers both competitive and non-competitive majors. Competitive majors are majors in which not every student is guaranteed admission. These majors typically require some sort of formal application process.

Non-competitive majors are majors in which every student is guaranteed admission, once they have met certain criteria. The criterion often includes some sort of GPA or course completion requirement. Once students meet the criterion, they are automatically changed into the full major. Learn more about the admission requirements for each major.

Considering a minor?

Students who are pursuing a major in the College of Education and Human Ecology may meet with their assigned academic advisor to discuss minor options. To find out more information about a specific minor, including course requirements, departmental approval requirements, and policies and procedures related to each minor, please see the list of undergraduate minors. Specific questions about minors offered outside of EHE should be directed to the departmental contact on the minor information sheet. Questions about minors within EHE should be directed to the EHE minor coordinator, Pete Locascio

How do I declare a minor?

Once an EHE student has decided to pursue a minor, they should print the minor information sheet, found on the complete list of minors, highlight their planned courses, and then schedule an appointment with their assigned EHE Academic Advisor. Students must declare their minor PRIOR to applying for graduation. Early declaration is highly encouraged.

To schedule an appointment, please call the academic advising appointment line, 614-292-9261. All appointments take place in A100 PAES Building.