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The College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE) Honors Program seeks to assist motivated and well-prepared students in engaging in a rigorous curriculum and undergraduate research. As part of a research institution, Ohio State's EHE faculty believe in the value of the expansion of knowledge through inquiry and scholarly writing, and undergraduate honors students do this through completion of a thesis. A major advantage of the Honors Program is that it enables students to work closely with a faculty member in designing and completing a thesis project.

A significant outcome of the Honors Program is the high level of understanding gained about designing and conducting research studies and/or using and analyzing research findings and developing an understanding of the role of research in the expansion of knowledge in fields within human ecology.

Membership in the Honors Program is granted based on an application process. Students complete a personal statement, Honors Program Sheet, and an Academic Plan, and is reviewed by the Honors Director and the corresponding honors contact in the academic department.

Students who complete the EHE Honors Program graduate with honors research distinction in their discipline. Please note the only way to graduate with Honors Program honors in EHE is by completing a thesis project.

EHE Honors Contact Information
Melissa Solinger
Senior Academic Advisor

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