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Undergraduate Research Scholarship Application

To apply for the Undergraduate Research Scholarship (URS), please include the following:

  • The Application for Undergraduate Research Scholarship (link found below)
  • Budget of real costs to you to conduct the project (included on the application)
  • Your Thesis Advisor's Evaluation Form
  • Honors thesis/project proposal (more information listed below)
  • Approval from Human Subjects Committee, if needed. If not secured at this time, state a planned timeline for submission. Information is available at


Please download and complete the Undergraduate Research Scholarship Application and Undergraduate Research Scholarship Project Advisor's Evaluation Form. Once complete, email the application, including budget of costs, and your Honor thesis/project proposal to with "Undergraduate Research Scholarship Application" in the subject line. The Project Advisor's Evaluation Form should be emailed under separate cover from your faculty advisor/PI to

Submission Deadline:

All applications must be completed by Friday, May 5, 2017 at 11:59pm. Applicants will be notified on or around May 26, 2017.


You must be enrolled in a major in the College of Education and Human Ecology and must be working toward completion of either an honors or non-honors research thesis to receive the award. You must be enrolled full-time (a minimum of 12 credit hours) during the terms in which you receive the award.

Project Proposal:

As part of your thesis process, you will work on preparing a proposal for your faculty advisor and thesis committee. The actual proposal may vary by unit or faculty member, but should include these basic elements:

  • A description of the problem or issue being studied, along with the significance of the project
  • A discussion of related scholarly literature
  • A brief summary of the methodology to be used
  • A short bibliography
  • IRB approval (or plans to obtain it) if your research involves human subjects, or ILACUC approval (or plans to obtain it) if your research involves animal subjects.

Award Amounts:

Typically, scholarships are awarded based at the equivalent of half-time or full-time in-state tuition and are applied toward university tuition and fees. In some circumstances, awards may vary. The number of scholarships awarded is determined by the amount of funds available.

An Important Note about Funding:

According to federal law, no student can be awarded aid in an amount which exceeds the estimated cost of education as established by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Therefore, if you are already receiving a complete financial aid package, the research scholarship will substitute for some portion of that aid with no net increase of funds to you. An exception to this rule is allowable only for items legitimately listed on the budget, the amount of which can be awarded to you regardless of other aid. Applicants should list all expenses associated with the project, since such costs represent a financial commitment to the research, and it is that commitment which justifies additional assistance to students currently receiving other scholarships and/or loans. (Lost income and tuition/fees are not expenses that can be included in the budget.)

Thesis Submission and Presentation of Research:

Students who receive the URS are expected to present their research at the annual Denman Forum on Undergraduate Research held in the spring. The thesis must also be submitted to the University Knowledgebank no later than the Friday of finals week of the semester of graduation.