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Transfer Students/Transfer Credit

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Students of The Ohio State University planning to take a course at another institution, with the intention the course fulfilling an Ohio State degree requirement, should ensure the course would transfer and fulfill the requirement. There are several ways to ensure this, and the first step the student should do is to visit This website shows how courses transfer from one institution to another. Simply click on "Quick Equivalencies," located on the left-hand side of the webpage and follow the on-screen directions.

Transfer Credit

All incoming transcripts should be sent electronically.Institutions offering electronic delivery typically have a database of schools in which a student can select when initiating an electronic transcript request. This does not require students to enter an email address and ensures that the transcript gets properly routed to the processing office at Ohio State. In the absence of a school database, students can request that their transcript be delivered to

Please allow for a few weeks for courses to post to the degree audit. Transfer courses can be listed on a degree audit in a few different formats. Visit the Office of the University Registrar's website for an explanation of the types of transfer credit. If you need help interpreting your audit, read Understanding Your Transfer Credit Report.

Petition Process

In some cases, courses transferred from another institution fall under the Electives category on the degree audit. Students should plan to meet with their academic advisor to discuss all transfer courses. A student may need to petition a course to fulfill a degree requirement.

Before meeting with an academic advisor to petition a course, a student should bring a copy of the syllabus from the course. Should the student misplace their syllabus from the course, the student should contact the department at the institution where the student took the course, and request a copy of the syllabus. In some cases, a current version of the syllabus may be acceptable if the syllabus from the exact term no longer exists.

Math Transfer Credit

The Math Department has rules incoming and current students should be aware of regarding transfer credit. Students should review all information before starting the evaluation process or signing up for courses at Ohio State or another institution. Learn more from the Arts and Sciences Department of Mathematics.