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Global Option in Education & Human Ecology (GO EHE)

The Global Option in Education & Human Ecology (GO EHE) is an exciting new program for all EHE students in good academic standing.

Participating students have the opportunity to enhance their ability to communicate with and work alongside individuals from other cultures. This is achieved through experiences abroad, globally themed coursework, and a culminating project. Students will also maintain an e-portfolio to record and reflect on their experiences. GO EHE activities are designed to equip our students with the skills they need to thrive in their careers and be more competitive candidates for graduate study.

The GO EHE program is designed to be completed without adding significant time to graduation and allows students to come up with individual plans. Successfully completing the requirements will earn students the Education and Human Ecology Global Option designation on their transcript.


To pursue GO EHE, you must be in good academic standing within your program of study. Individual plans for completion must be approved prior to completing GO EHE requirements. To create an individual plan, please contact the GO EHE advisor in Undergraduate Student Services (614.292.9261).

The EHE global option designation requires the completion of coursework and experiences in the following four areas:

  1. Early Education Abroad Experience (required)
    • Any abroad experience either in or outside of EHE
    • Must include a preparatory program or coursework

  2. International Learning (choose one)

  3. Culture or Language Proficiency (choose one)
    • For majors with foreign language requirement: two courses beyond requirements
    • For majors without foreign language requirement: coursework through 1103
    • Completion of a world language minor
    • Advanced (3000-level or above) Education Abroad
    • Student teaching experience abroad
    • Global-Local Experience (Domestic internship w/strong connections to international community)

  4. Capstone course (required)
    • Complete 3 credit hours of EHE 5892
    • Typically taken after students have complete components A-C (please consult with the GO EHE Program Coordinator to determine the appropriate time to enroll)

GO EHE Program Checklist

Students can download the GO EHE Program Checklist to keep track of their progress in the program. Interested students should complete the GO EHE Information Session (below) and schedule an appointment with the GO EHE Program Coordinator ASAP, to ensure they are completing the program correctly.

GO EHE Information Session

The GO EHE Information Session is intended for current Ohio State students who are enrolled in the College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE). Non-EHE students should contact their college office to determine if your college offers a Global Option program.

Please complete the GO EHE Information Session via Carmen! The following topics are covered:

  1. What is the Global Option program?
  2. The components of the program
  3. Next steps, for those interested in pursuing the program

How to Register for GO EHE Information Sessions

You may take the online Carmen modules at any time. To register, complete the following steps:

  1. Log on to Carmen ( using your OSU name.# and password.
  2. Once signed in, click the "Join Self Enrollment" link.
  3. Read the "Join Instructions" and click the link "Join."
  4. Locate "GO EHE Information Session" (You can sort alphabetically by clicking the "Course Offering Name" link at the top of the page or use CTRL+F to search for the link).
  5. Complete the registration information and begin the course.

If you would like additional information after completing the information session, you may setup an appointment with the GO EHE Program Coordinator or complete the GO EHE interest form.

GO EHE Contact Information

Amy Collins-Warfield
Academic Advisor & Coordinator of First-Year Programs
College of Education and Human Ecology
Undergraduate Student Services
A100 PAES Bldg, 305 Annie and John Glenn Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210
614.292.9261 Office