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Majors & Minors

The College of Education and Human Ecology offers a broad range of undergraduate majors and minors. Our majors are organized by two clusters. The human sciences cluster provides majors related to health and wellness, and consumer sciences. The education cluster offers both licensure and non-licensure majors that prepare students for a career in education and human services in both classroom and community-based settings. 

Learn more about our majors below! Each major page contains information about the curriculum, admission information, and the process to switch to that particular major. 

Human Sciences



Some minors are offered in the College of Education and Human Ecology. These minors include:

  • Coaching Education Minor
  • Consumer Sciences Minor
  • Education Minor
  • Fashion and Retail Studies Minor
  • Human Development and Family Science Minor
  • Human Nutrition Minor
  • Physical Activity Specialist Minor
  • Technology and Youth Minor

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General Education Courses

View the complete list of the approved GE courses in the College of Education and Human Ecology