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How to Run a Degree Audit

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All students should familiarize themselves with their degree audit (DARS), and know how to read it. Students are held accountable to degree completion according to their degree audit, not a program sheet or any other planning tool.

As always, if students are confused or concerned about any components of their degree audit, they should seek guidance from their assigned academic advisor.

  1. Go to BuckeyeLink. Select "Degree Audit" from the Most Popular Now section.
  2. Login using your Ohio State username and password.
  3. Run the default program if you intend to stay in your current major.
  4. If you want to explore another major, you can run a "what if" degree audit. Use the dropdown menus to select your desired college, major, degree and program. If the program requires a subplan, this will appear as a part of the program
  5. For an audit that is easy to read and print, choose PDF as the format.
  6. Select Run Audit. The audit will take a few moments to process.
  7. Once the audit finishes, click View Audit. You may need to click "Open All Sections" to view your requirements.