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Student Organizations

Education Related Organizations

ABA at Ohio State

Our organization aims to grow the field of applied behavior analysis for undergrad and graduate students through guest speakers, site tours, conferences, discussions, and social events.


Adopt-A-School is a student organization in which its volunteers tutor students at nearby Graham Elementary and Middle School. As tutors, college students aid in students' studies and serving as a mentors in a structured environment. All Ohio State students are invited to volunteer.

Autism Speaks U

The Ohio State University Student Chapter furthers the mission of Autism Speaks by engaging the campus community (faculty, staff and students) through education, awareness, friendship and fundraising in positively affecting the lives of those with autism spectrum disorders.

College Mentors for Kids

The mission of College Mentors for Kids is to motivate children and communities to achieve their potential by fostering inspiration to transform lives, education to change attitudes, and connections to increase opportunities. Buddy pairs, consisting of one college and one elementary student, meet in groups (buddy families) for weekly activities on campus that focus on Higher Education & Career, Culture & Diversity, and Community Service. Through these activities and relationships with college students, children are exposed to higher education and the opportunities it has to offer.


Kappa Phi Kappa exists to help unite current and future teachers and those interested in the field of education under the same principles and values of hard work, ethical practice and service.

Ohio Student Education Association

Ohio Student Education Association is a professional organization of undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in education. Members benefit from professional development workshops, a spring conference, legal services, money-saving benefits, legislation and lobbying, and networking. Members are also active on campus and in the community.

Pen Pals

The mission of Pen PALS is to establish an outreach program which addresses the challenges faced in the Columbus City School District and similar low income schools across the country while educating college students about these issues. Pen PALS aims to improve the writing skills of elementary school students by providing a personal connection to an Ohio State Student via a pen pal relationship, face to face meetings, and seminars which inform mentors about the problems their pen pals might face in his/ her daily life.

Physical Education, Sport, and Physical Activity Club

The Ohio State Physical Education, Sport, and Physical Activity Club was created to provide and stimulate professional interest for physical education, sport, or physical activity majors.


STEMERs-OSU is dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education through the following objectives: • to promote improved teaching practices and research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education; • to encourage commitment to professional growth and continued professional improvement; • to promote unity and communication between and among students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education


Human Sciences Related Organizations

Health Sciences Club

The Health Sciences Club is designed to inform students about the Health Sciences Program and help undergraduate students become aware of the activities in the community and professional jobs available for this major. This club, comprised of Pre-professionals focuses on academics, community service, health promotion, and professionalism along with aiding students in configuring extraordinary applications for their future plans as a professional in healthcare, whatever they may be; including but not limited to Dentistry, Optometry, PT, OT, PA, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Hospital Management, and MD.


The Association for the Business of Sports strives to educate students about opportunities in the fields of both professional and collegiate athletics by providing interactions with professionals from the field. The objective of the organization is to promote exploration into the diverse field of athletics.


The Ohio State University Student Chapter furthers the mission of Autism Speaks by engaging the campus community (faculty, staff and students) through education, awareness, friendship and fundraising in positively affecting the lives of those struggling with autism spectrum disorders.


The collegiate chapter of BRAG at OSU aims to bring awareness about the organization to the minority population and to assist the students within that population that hold a discerned interest in retail, in obtaining internship/networking opportunities with major companies within the retail arena. Furthermore it is our mission to build upon skills and characteristics that are essential to a successful career in retail and help individuals to cultivate the best brand of themselves. Lastly, we hope to fortify a coalition of young talented individuals that share a common interest and manifest that common interest into a lifelong bond. We are connected to the national BRAG Chapter and work diligently to help our members obtain scholarships and paid internships with various companies.


The Exercise Science Club at the Ohio State University will provide opportunities for extra-curricular and professional enhancement of the Exercise Science major. This organization will provide Exercise Science students a means to address academic, professional and social issues pertinent to successful career development.


To provide students within the Fashion and Retail Studies program in the department of Consumer Sciences in the college of Education and Human Ecology with the opportunity to publicly display their abilities in garment design and construction, as well as advertising, fundraising, and special event production, culminating in a fashion design show or public exhibit at the end of the school year. This organization is open to all majors who have an interest in being part of a fashion production, but is specifically for Fashion and Retail Studies students.


The purpose of the Financial Planning Association is to provide an environment that allows for the development and enhancement of skills necessary for a career as a financial planner. We are a professional development organization, enhancing the student experience through creating opportunities for contact with financial service professionals and financial planning firms.


Our mission is to connect students to issues surrounding nutrition through community outreach efforts and exposure to the most recent nutrition-related media productions, expert lectures, and other beneficial resources. The group consists of Dietetics, Nutrition, Nutrition in Community Health, and Nutrition in Industry students, but is not limited to those majors.


HDFS club is dedicated to… Helping new students get accustomed to the major or minor, department, and the college of education and human ecology through mentoring and advising. Enhancing the effective communication and collaboration between the undergraduate students and the faculty. Addressing undergraduate student’s academic concerns, issues, and problems. Promoting mutual support and cohesion between undergraduate students. Providing service, social, and academic opportunities for student involvement in the major or minor.


Purposes: The purpose of the Hospitality Management Association shall be to foster professional standards, promote a closer relationship between students and professionals, and to promote an interest among university students in the hospitality field.


Our mission is to help families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. Our patients did not choose to be poor, but they have chosen to strive toward a better life; MEDLIFE stands beside them in this pursuit. We aim to achieve this goal through partnering with motivated individuals in developing communities working to improve their access to the MEDs: Medicine, Education and community Development. MEDLIFE believes access to quality healthcare is a basic human right, whether they are in a developing nations or in our own Columbus community. To this end, we commit our time, resources, knowledge and hope to bring Medicine, Education and Development to Low Income Families Everywhere.

Pre-Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Club

The purposes of our organization are to share useful information with members about Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, provide a social function for members, and increase awareness of the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy professions on campus and in the community.


The purpose of the Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity Club (PESPA) at The Ohio State University is to provide opportunities for professional enhancement of the PESPA major. This organization will provide PESPA students opportunities to interact with professionals, to enhance the educational and social experiences with fellow PESPA majors and to further increase the role of sport and physical activity in society.


The purpose of the Sport Management Association shall be to improve the University and local community through community service projects as well as to enhance the educational and social experiences of its members, as well as the Sport Management Master's Alumni Association.

Sports and Society Initiative

The organization exists to provide people with opportunities to talk about contemporary issues in sports and how they relate to society and to attend events and activities related to sports.

Scarlette Magazine

Showcase Ohio State University's individuality through fashion, art, and words. Inspire our readers and deliver new perspectives of the fashion world.

Scarlet & Gray Financial Service Team

The SGF service team is part of Scarlet and Gray Financial which is a part of the Office of Student life. Scarlet and Gray financial trains students to become volunteer peer financial coaches. As coaches we meet with STEP students as part of their requirements, and also students who need guidance with budgeting/personal finance or students who need their late fees waived.

Student Dietetic Association

The purpose of this organization is to promote the dietetic profession through meetings, community involvement, and organizational unity related to dietetics and nutrition.

Unchained Fashion Show

The purpose of Unchained OSU is to raise awareness of human trafficking by utilizing fashion and other forms of artistic expression. We also work towards prevention of human trafficking through education, volunteering, and fundraising. As a student organization, our goal is to partner with other student organizations and community organizations with the mission to spread as much awareness about this issue as possible. Our general body meetings include trainings, speakers, and activities. We put on an annual fashion show that tells the story of a survivor of human trafficking through the arts. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness, hear from local survivors and organizations, and fundraise for a scholarship fund that assists survivors who are going back to school.

Undergraduate Finance Association

Our mission is to provide any student interested in finance with professional, social, and educational opportunities. The group is open to any dedicated student interested in learning about job opportunities in the field of finance. UFA hosts speakers from the various fields of business, such as banking, stock brokerage, corporate finance, investment banking, investment analysis, and financial consulting. Students can meet professionals in a casual and relaxed environment.




Phi Upsilon Omicron is The National Honor society of Family and Consumer Sciences. The Ohio State Gamma Chapter is for students eligible from the College of Education and Human Ecology. We recognize and encourage excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.