Certificate in Healthcare Environmental and Hospitality Services

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The Healthcare Environmental and Hospitality Services certificate trains you for leadership positions in healthcare and hospitality organizations. This 100% online, 12-credit hour certificate enables professionals and students to understand the healthcare industry with special emphasis on identification and solution of different environmental services problems. This program is the first of its kind in the United States and developed in partnership with the Association for the Healthcare Environment. 

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Program Outcomes

  • Effectively recognize, interpret, and assess key healthcare business problems
  • Recognize and assess key infection prevention problems in healthcare and hospitality facilities
  • Understanding different healthcare departments and different non-medical positions in healthcare facilities
  • Implement customer experience management systems and strategies in healthcare organizations
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Career Paths

This certificate directly prepares you for supervisory and other leadership positions at healthcare and hospitality organizations. Salary varies depending on employment experience, location, and education credentials.   

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CSHSPMG 2200 (3 credits) 

Introduction to Healthcare Environmental and Hospitality Services 

An application and discussion of healthcare business and analysis of critical healthcare areas in relation to hospitality business. 

CSHSPMG 3200 (3 credits)

Infection Prevention in Healthcare and Hospitality 

An application and discussion of introductory microbiology, epidemiology, infection prevention and sanitation in healthcare and hospitality facilities. 

CSHSPMG 3191.02 (3 credits)

Healthcare Environmental Services Internship

Supervised and practical experience at a department-approved internship site related to environmental services in healthcare. Includes investigation and analysis of assigned problems and documentation of experience. 

CSHSPMG 4200 (3 credits)

Consumer Experience in Healthcare and Hospitality Services 

An application and discussion of hospitality principles and customer experience management in the healthcare industry. 

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Certificate Requirements

High school diploma 

U.S. citizen or permanent resident

Minimum GPA 


Minimum course grades

C- or better in all courses 

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