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Carolyn Gunther

Assistant Professor, Department of Human Sciences

Program Area: Human Nutrition

(614) 292-5125

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  • PhD, Nutrition, Purdue University, 2004
  • BA, Biology, Taylor University, 1995

Research Interests


  • 2014 - Reviewer of Excellence Award, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior
  • 2013 - Nominee for University Outreach, Engagment, and Service Recognition Award, Ohio State University
  • 2013 - Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor Award, Ohio State University

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  1. Teegarden D, Gunther CW. (2008) Minerals and Food Intake: A Human Perspective. In Appetite and Food Intake: Behavioral and Physiological Considerations, edited by Ruth BS Harris and Richard D Mattes. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. Chapter 18; pp 337-350.

Peer-reviewed Manuscripts

  1. Monnat LE, Kennel J, Holloman C, Kaye G, Gunther CW. Determining the relationship between access to convenient sources of milk, milk vending purchases, and milk/calcium intake in college vending consumers. Accepted at Journal of Human Sciences and Extension.
  2. Richards R, Reicks M, Wong SS, Gunther C, Cluskey M, Ballejos M, Bruhn C, Johnston NP, Misner S, Watters C. Identification of parental benefits derived from practices that promote intake of calcium-rich foods and beverages among early adolescent children. Accepted at J Nutr Educ Behav.
  3. Rose A, Wagner A, Kennel J, Pennywitt J, Battista-Hesse M, Miller C, Murray R, Rogers K, Gunther CW. (2014) Determining the feasibility and acceptability of a nutrition education and cooking program for preschoolers and their families delivered over the dinner hour in a low-income day care setting. ICAN: Infant, Child, and Adolescent Nutrition. 6:144-151.
  4. Failla M, Gunther CW. (2013) Feeding the development of underrepresented groups. International Innovation: Healthcare, August 2013 (Research Media, UK, pp 45-47), ISSN 2051-8501.
  5. Gunther CW, Branscum P, Kennel JA, Klein E, Monnat L, Kaye G. (2013) Examination of the Relationship of Dairy Product Consumption and Dietary Calcium with Body Mass Index Percentile in Children. International Journal of Child Health and Nutrition. 2:1-8.
  6. Reicks M, Degeneffe D, Ghosh K, Bruhn C, Goodell SL, Gunther C, Auld G, Ballejos M, Boushey C, Cluskey M, Misner S, Olson B, Wong SS, Zaghloul S. (2012) Parent calcium-rich-food practices/perceptions are associated with calcium intake among parents and their early adolescent children. Public Health Nutr 15:331-340. (IF: 2.250)
  7. Reicks MM, Ballejos ME, Goodell SL, Gunther C, Richards R, Wong SS, Auld G, Boushey CJ, Bruhn C, Cluskey M, Misner S, Olson B, Zaghloul S. (2011) Personal and family correlates of calcium-rich food intake among parents of early adolescent children. J Am Diet Assoc. 111:376-384. (IF: 3.797)
  8. Teegarden D, Gunther CW. (2008) Can the controversial relationship between dietary calcium and body weight be mechanistically explained by alterations in appetite and food intake? Nutr Rev. 66:601-605. (IF: 4.597)
  9. Eagan MS, Lyle RM, Gunther CW, Peacock M, Teegarden D. (2006) Effect of 1-Year dairy product intervention on fat mass in young women: 6-month follow-up. Obesity. 14:2242-8. (IF: 3.922)
  10. Gunther CW, Legowski PA, Lyle RM, Weaver CM, McCabe LD, McCabe GP, Peacock M,Teegarden D. (2006) Parathyroid hormone is associated with decreased fat mass in young healthy women. Int J Obes (Lond). 30:94-99. (IF: 5.221)
  11. Gunther CW, Lyle RM, Legowski PA, James JM, McCabe LD, McCabe GP, Peacock M, Teegarden D. (2005) Fat oxidation and its relation to serum parathyroid hormone in young women enrolled in a 1-y dairy calcium intervention. Am J Clin Nutr 82:1228-34. (IF:6.504)
  12. Teegarden D, Legowski P, Gunther CW, McCabe GP, Peacock M, Lyle RM. (2005) Dietary calcium intake protects women consuming oral contraceptives from spine and hip bone loss. J Clin Endocr Metab. 90:5127-33.(IF: 6.430)
  13. Gunther CW, Legowski PA, Lyle RM, McCabe GP, Eagan MS, Peacock M, Teegarden D. (2005) Dairy products do not lead to alterations in body weight or fat mass in young women in a 1-y intervention. Am J Clin Nutr. 81:751-6. (IF: 6.504)