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Graduate education at The Ohio State University is a decentralized endeavor with the responsibilities for graduate education being shared between the Graduate School, the academic programs, the graduate faculty and students. Great care has been taken to develop challenging programs that will help you tackle some of the most challenging problems we face today. Whether it's developing policy to insure that all children have access to a quality education or understanding that improved health and nutrition will help all of us lead more productive lives, we have academic programs and faculty with the expertise to help you pursue your educational and research interests. The best source of information about your academic program is your faculty advisor.

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Undergraduate Students

We are proud of our 91,000 alumni, who are the bedrock of America and countries worldwide. They take action, whether to ensure one child in their neighborhood gets an equal education or to discover how an entire continent would no longer be threatened by blindness.

Undergraduate Student Services
A100 PAES Building
305 Annie and John Glenn Ave.
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