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College Scholarships

The College of Education and Human Ecology awards scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students through an annual scholarship selection process. Students enrolled in the college with a declared major are eligible to apply. Future students should apply if they anticipate being accepted and enrolled at The Ohio State University and the college.

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You must submit an application by the deadline for your desired application to be considered for any EHE scholarship. To maximize your aid eligibility please complete both the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the ScholarshipUniverse application by March 15. Completing the FAFSA is necessary to determine eligibility for all scholarships that use financial need as an eligibility criterion. Students should review the guidelines and frequently asked questions before applying.

Review Scholarship Guidelines


The following scholarship applications have a deadline of March 15, 2024.

  • College of Education and Human Ecology 4-H Application
  • College of Education and Human Ecology General Scholarship Application
  • College of Education and Human Ecology K-12 Teaching Application
  • College of Education and Human Ecology Markiewicz Oberrath Scholarship application

The following scholarship applications have a deadline of August 31, 2024.

  • College of Education and Human Ecology Experiential Scholarship Application

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Scholarship Applications 

ScholarshipUniverse is a single, secure and easy-to-use source for most Ohio State scholarships and thousands of other opportunities. To find your top matches for scholarships, login to ScholarshipUniverse below using your name.# and password, create or log in to your account and answer questions about yourself to build your profile. Once you are matched to a scholarship, follow prompts to complete any application requirements.

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More Funding Opportunities

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Funding from Ohio State

Student Financial Aid

Merit-based aid and needs-based aid starts with filing the FAFSA to be considered for the most financial aid. 

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Graduate Fellowships

A financial award from Ohio State based on academic merit through a university competition. 

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Graduate Funding

Learn more about the funding opportunities available through The Graduate School and other units at Ohio State. 

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Scholarship Celebration

View this year’s Scholarship Celebration event.

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Speaker 1:
I chose the College of Education and Human Ecology because of all of the experiences they had
to offer for me as a student.

Not only the resources  but the very well-known faculty nationally  and internationally as well.

The moment I realized I could attend Ohio State  and I would have enough funds to do so was amazing.

I was jumping around the house.  My mom was jumping around the house.  I think I saw my grandma clear a few inches off the floor  at one point.

We were just all so excited.

The support from the scholarships have allowed me to be more of a student at Ohio State while still being a full-time student teacher.

I have the time to enjoy Ohio State while I'm still here.

Receiving a scholarship means a lot.

It gives me opportunities that  at one point I would just hope for and now those realities have been coming true.  

Receiving a scholarship has just meant the world to me because I get to experience such a high level of diversity and a large experience that I never  would've gotten otherwise.

People like you are the reason why a lot of students strive.  Thank you very much.

(uplifting music)

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For questions or assistance about EHE scholarships, email