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Welcome to the College of Education and Human Ecology family!

We’re so excited to have you become a part of our family that works every day to make an impact in our local and world communities. Your education here will not only lead you to a career you’re passionate about, it will empower you to make a difference for others.

Use the information on this page to learn more about your college and next steps you should take.

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Making the most of an EHE education

The opportunities Ohio State provides are boundless, and the College of Education and Human Ecology will be a champion to help achieve your dreams. See how these students are making an impact.

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EHE Programs

Degrees in Education and Human Ecology focus on the holistic development of people across a lifespan. Whether you are looking to impact education, health and wellness or consumer experiences in sports, hospitality, finance or fashion and retail industries, your degree search starts here.

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The value of an EHE degree

Learn from students why the college is the perfect place for them.

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Your education from the College of Education and Human Ecology will transform you into a leader and difference maker for children and adults.

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