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The Global Hub @ EDGE (“The Hub”) is The College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE)’s resource for global experiences. Here, EHE students, faculty, and staff can find opportunities and resources for global engagement, including information on education abroad opportunities.

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Please contact Jenna DiCamillo for more information or any questions. 

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She was just like mother Brazil I was  actually in my office so I couldn't  really scream like I wanted to once we  got off of the flight I started bawling  like she's crying she's good I just  could not believe I had this opportunity  we went to compare the educational  system and Salvador Brazil to the oil  hearing United States it was  life-changing.

We went to a school called Steve Biko  Institute and we got to talk to a lot of  afro-brazilian children, first-generation  students trying to go to college and  they were explaining the importance of  English. 

If somebody wants to be a lawyer  or a doctor the bulk of the research is  in English.

 Just knowing that me teaching  them English could open so many doors  just let me know that that's what  exactly what I want to do going overseas.
 Seal the deal for me to know and all of  my three majors I went through before I  got to to saw that this is it and this  is where I want to be.
There's so many opportunities here at Ohio State you  could find one that's close to your  major you can find one that's for dance  or one that you're learning more specifically about culture. 

My plan is to  go in as many study abroad trips as I  can before I graduate.

So I believe that  it's only natural for a parent to  possibly be on the fence about allowing  their  to study abroad.

I think it's just really  really important for us as parents to  support our children's endeavors to do  our research to just be that foundation  that they can stand on.

Both her dad and  I have always been very supportive of  her. Nothing is impossible to her now I  keep saying amazing because I can't  think of any other word to say what is  another word I can say everything.




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Senior Director of Partnerships and Engagement, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Global Engagement (EDGE)

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Global Education Specialist, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Global Engagement (EDGE)