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The Department of Human Sciences is advancing human experiences through several multidisciplinary programs designed so you can shape social behaviors and improve health, wellness and consumer experiences for individuals and communities.

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Hi my name is Eric Porfeli and I serve  as the chair of the Department of Human Sciences and I'm pleased to welcome you  to our department.

Our department is home to undergraduate  and graduate degree programs leading to  a rich array of career opportunities in  the sciences and the industries that  place people at the center of their work.

Our programs are focused on the basic  ingredients of health and well-being to  include what we eat, how we move, how we  relate to others, and how we manage our  resources.

In academic terms we are the  consumer Sciences, human development, and  family science, human nutrition and  Kinesiology. Our programs offer you the  opportunity to pursue careers in sport  management, hospitality, fashion, and  retail studies and sport coaching.

We  also focus on understanding and  cultivating human development across the lifespan and promoting health and  well-being through the nutritional sciences if you wish to make a  difference in the lives of Children and  Families.

If you hope to enhance the  health and well-being of a diversity of  people, if you wish to become a leader in hospitality, financial planning, or the  sports industries then our department is  your academic home.

I encourage you to  explore our degree programs check out  our fantastic faculty and have a  conversation with one of our college  recruitment staff to learn more about  our College of Education and Human  Ecology and the wonderful opportunities  we offer in the Department of Human Sciences here at the Ohio State  University 

Every Day I'm Amazed by the  great work we are doing to advance  Humanity. I encourage you to join us as  we continue to enhance the well-being  and the economic Vitality of a great  diversity of communities with leading  industry Partners in Ohio and around the  world.

Welcome to the Department of Human  sciences and go Bucks!  

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Department Diversity Statement

We acknowledge that power differentials in our society, our university, and our department shape experiences and opportunities differently for people with diverse social identities.

Our goal is to create a community that is inclusive of diverse social identities, perspectives, and experiences, where all members of the DHS community are empowered to conduct impactful and fulfilling work promoting equity and justice in the human experience.

We commit to creating an inclusive, safe, and just space by actively addressing racial and social injustice internally and externally, developing cultural humility, and remaining continuously accountable to our values and mission

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