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The Department of Human Sciences is home to several multidisciplinary programs where you will learn the skills to shape social behaviors and help people improve their health, wellness and consumer experiences.

Whether you want to be a nutritionist, sport manager, consumer financial planner, physical educator, visual merchandiser, exercise specialist, or prepare to be a health care provider, there are many career options for graduates in Human Sciences to pursue.

We will teach you how to advance and improve the human experience. You'll do this through academics, research and community outreach.

This approach helps you fully understand health, wellness and social behavior, the needs of the public and how to help improve their lives.

Even better, our programs are designed so you can take what you have learned and apply it to real-life scenarios - before you graduate. We have several professional resources to help you get the most out of your education in human sciences.

By combining your interests in family relationship dynamics, nutrition, health and wellness or fashion and retail with one of our human sciences programs, your dream career is attainable.

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You'll also promote your own healthy and active lifestyle through our Sport, Fitness and Health Program (SFHP). With more than 8,000 students completing 60-plus courses each year, we're sure your experience as an Ohio State student will be all the more memorable and successful by adding the SFHP to it.

Learn more about each of the five core program areas in Human Sciences and the requirements to achieve both undergraduate and graduate degrees.