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The Human Nutrition program at Ohio State is a multidisciplinary program that prepares you to succeed in modern nutrition science. Our research-intensive and science-focused programs will give you diverse learning experiences from several colleges at Ohio State. You will work alongside international experts in nutritional sciences who optimize well-being and treat diseases using strategies involving foods, diet and nutrition sciences. Ohio State is a leader in the field and the perfect training ground to become a scholar of nutrition or a registered dietitian nutritionist. 

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Degrees and Programs

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Our educators use their research, teaching and outreach to expand knowledge in a range of important nutrition disciplines including community and behavioral nutrition, biomolecular nutrition, metabolomics, clinical nutrition and food safety.

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Student Opportunities

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Program Stories

The science behind picky eating

Why do some people — especially kids — fiddle with, wince at and despise the very foods that science tells us are most healthful? Here's how to get finicky types to give meatloaf and other 'yucky' foods a chance