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About EHE

You're looking for a top-notch education to fulfill your professional and personal aspirations.

And that's so important to us.

Since our beginnings in 1895, the College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE) has valued learning as a lifelong process. The educators, researchers and professionals we help grow are critical to shaping academic success and health and wellness for generations to come.

To stay one of the best, academic institutions have to change with the times. We've evolved and you will receive a better education because of it.

Today, the education we provide is not limited to developing some of Ohio's best teachers. We train the next generation of our nation's financial advisors, dietitians, policymakers, exercise scientists, event coordinators, counselors, fashion merchandisers, childhood education researchers and many other experts. Together they improve society and make the human experience better for generations to come.

You can be confident that the education you receive from the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University will be the stepping stone you need to reach your life's career goals, and to help those you serve reach theirs.

Attracting the best and brightest

Our students are high-achieving and highly motivated learners with the expectations to match. They organize and lead major university organizations; achieve top recognition of their research; and are committed to using the knowledge they learn in the classroom to better the world around them. And that is just the start.

You will always be proud of earning your degree from the College of Education and Human Ecology in one of our 140 programs, majors and specializations.

And knowing you achieved it in one of The Ohio State University's most highly-regarded colleges will make it all the more rewarding.

Commitment to academics

Everything about the College of Education and Human Ecology exemplifies its commitment to providing you with the best education you can get. You'll make personal connections with professors leading today's preeminent research and have your own opportunities for original research as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Out-of-the-classroom opportunities are abundant as a way to gain real-world experience and put what you learn into action. Participation in the college's student organizations, honoraries and community service will allow you to gain the necessary skills you need to be successful.

And when you graduate, the education and experience you gain from the College of Education and Human Ecology will give you a competitive edge needed to jump-start your career.

A degree for every interest

The College of Education and Human Ecology has 24 undergraduate and graduate degrees. You also can expand your professional opportunities through several licensure and endorsement designations, in addition to EHE majors, minors and specializations.

To learn more about our academic programs, explore what each of our departments offers:

Department of Teaching and Learning
Teaching and Learning's excellent programs and world-renowned faculty will make you a leader, whether in classrooms or education institutions nationwide. Each year, EHE prepares and recommends more than 550 bachelors and Master of Education candidates for an Ohio teaching license in numerous subject areas on our Columbus and regional campuses. Your knowledge and creativity nourished at Ohio State will touch the lives of children and youth you teach. And when you are enrolled in our graduate education specialties - one of the 10 best programs of all public universities - your research will close the achievement gap; helping students reach their full potential.

Department of Educational Studies
Many of the programs in Educational Studies are nationally ranked, making it one of the best places to get a degree in educational specialties. Our faculty members are experts in many disciplines and train students to become leaders who create sound educational policy. Whether you seek a degree in counselor education, educational administration, higher education and student affairs or any of the 12 specialties in Educational Studies, you can expect a unique experience.

Department of Human Sciences
The health, wellness and social behavior education in Human Sciences will give you the skills needed to improve the lives and experiences of everyone. Our faculty members are leading the field through their ground-breaking research and they teach that same knowledge to their students. Our graduates become dietitians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, counselors for couples and families, financial planners, managers of hotels and international resorts, social service managers and retail merchandisers.

If you have questions about joining our college, we have graduate and undergraduate advisors available to help.

Are you ready to become a Buckeye?

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