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College History

Two Colleges Form Outstanding Partnership

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The College of Education and the College of Human Ecology had its beginning as the departments of Pedagogy and Domestic Economy when they were added in 1895 and 1896, respectively. Throughout the years, the programs grew until both achieved the status as internationally respected colleges of The Ohio State University.

In July 2006, the faculty and staff of both programs overwhelmingly approved a proposal to join together as the College of Education and Human Ecology.

In August 2012, the College of Education and Human Ecology faculty realigned their programs into three areas: the Department of Educational Studies, the Department of Human Sciences, and the Department of Teaching and Learning.

One Vision

As one college, we are inspiring innovation in learning and living. We have a vision that builds on our rich traditions of excellence. This dynamic evolution has fostered an even stronger college, with expanded opportunities for our students, faculty and graduates. Our diverse academic areas spark research and outreach that bring new possibilities to schools, consumers and communities.

Our faculty and staff members are tackling some of society's toughest issues. We research influences on urban living and learning, and then produce solutions we can share with the world.

We offer bachelor's, master's, education specialist and doctoral degree programs, as well as endorsements. Through the state's mandate that Ohio State move to semesters, we have revitalized degree programs, including offering teacher preparation with licensure at the bachelor's level.

One Future


Since our first graduating classes at the turn of the 20th century, our alumni traditionally have gone on to lead their fields. Today, we celebrate over 93,000 graduates of the College of Education and Human Ecology who solve the complex problems facing youth, families, communities and consumers in a changing world.

With the trust of our many supporters, our combined experience of more than 200 years yields one of the finest academic units specializing in education and human ecology.

A Brief History of the College of Education and Human Ecology

  • 2006 - Education and Human Ecology colleges join to form the College of Education and Human Ecology
  • 2007 – The Schoenbaum Family Center at Weinland Park is dedicated to serve preschool children, their families and the community. It also offers a state-of-the-art research and practice facility to all Ohio State students
  • 2007 – The PAES Building opens, providing labs, research spaces and wellness facilities to faculty, staff and students
  • 2007-2009 – Faculty discuss logical connections in curriculum and philosophy
  • 2010 – Provost asks faculty to draft reorganization plan
  • 2011 – Faculty groups propose new alignments, and then vote to form three departments
  • 2012 – Departments are named: Educational Studies, Human Sciences, and Teaching and Learning
    • Units review and refresh academic programs in preparation for Ohio State's transition to semesters
    • Proposed departments and new degrees are considered by university governing bodies, the Board of Trustees and the Ohio Board of Regents
  • August 2012 – Ohio State and the college begin semester calendar
    • Initial licensure in all teacher preparation programs is offered at the baccalaureate level

A Brief History of the Former College of Human Ecology

hec history

  • 1896 - Established as the Department of Domestic Economy in the College of Agriculture
  • 1913 - Renamed the Department of Home Economics
  • 1929 - Became the School of Home Economics in the College of Agriculture
  • 1975 - Converted five divisions in the school to five departments
  • 1983 - Attained status as the College of Home Economics
  • 1989 - Renamed the College of Human Ecology
  • 1996 - Merged five departments in the College to three departments. Ranked first in the nation in the Gourman Report
  • 2006 - Joined with the College of Education to form the College of Education and Human Ecology

A Brief History of the Former College of Education

coe history

  • 1895 - Established as the Department of Pedagogy
  • 1899 - Renamed the Department of Education in the College of Arts and Philosophy
  • 1907 - Established as the College of Education
  • 1917 - Ohio laws require physical and health education in schools
  • 1932 - Opening of the University School
  • 1967 - The University School holds its last commencement and closes
  • 1969 - University School is renamed John Ramseyer Hall
  • 1980s - Initial teacher certification is moved to the master's level as part of the Holmes Partnership teacher preparation reform
  • 1990s - More emphasis on collaboration and partnerships with schools, foundations and government
  • 2000 - Adjustment in the Holmes philosophy, which allows teacher licensure in some undergraduate academic areas
  • 2006 - Education joins with the College of Human Ecology to form the new College of Education and Human Ecology