M.A. Program Specializing in Educational Policy

Department of Educational Studies
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Required Foundations Course (choose one, 3 hours)

  • ESPHE 6250 History of Education (3)
  • ESPHE 6410 Philosophy of Education (3)

Required Multicultural and Human Diversity Course (choose one, 3 hours)

  • ESEPOL 5217 Comparative Education (3)
  • ESPHE 8201 Social Foundations of Education (3)
  • ESCFE 8209 Cultural Processes in Education (3)

Required Research Course (6 credit hours)

  • ESEPOL 7225 Educational Policy Inquiry (3)
  • Additional research course approved by your advisor

Specialization Requirements (15 credit hours)

  • ESEPOL 6000 Introduction to Educational Policy (3)
  • ESPHE 7222 History of Educational Policy (3)
  • ESEPOL 7224 Educational Policy Analysis in Contemporary Culture (3)
  • ESEPOL 7100 Writing for Educational Policy Audiences (3)
  • ESEPOL 8312 Politics and Political Leadership in American Education (3)

Elective Requirements (minimum 3 hours)

  • ESEPOL 8352 Educational Policy in Democratic Society (3)
  • ESPHE 8410 Ethics and Education: Equality, Freedom and Justice in Schools (3)
  • ESHESA 7568 Higher Education and Public Policy (3)
  • ESHESA 7569 Higher Education Governance and Policy Analysis (3)
  • ESLTECH 6223 Issues and Practices in Educational Technology (3)
  • ESTEPL 8421 Inquiry into Teacher Education (3)

Students who intend on pursuing policy work after completion of their degree will complete a minimum of 3 hours of practicum for their elective course.


  • ESEPOL 8193 Independent Study for Policy Practicum

Students writing a thesis will complete a minimum of 3 semester hours with a member of their committee to reflect their research and writing of the thesis.

Thesis Preparation (minimum 3 semester hours)

  • EDUCST 7999 Thesis Research: Educational Studies


Guidelines for Formatting Theses, Dissertations and D.M.A. Documents: http://gradsch.osu.edu/Depo/PDF/Guidelines.pdf.



Graduation Review

Application to Graduate: http://gradforms.osu.edu

Master’s Student Procedures – Final Semester: https://gradsch.osu.edu/completing-your-degree/final-semester/final-semester-checklists

For more information about courses, please go to www.buckeyelink.osu.edu and click on Schedule of Classes.


Non-thesis minimum of 30 credit hours;

Thesis minimum of 33 credit hours

Program Degree Department Email
Masters Educational Studies edstudies@osu.edu


Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.