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The Office of Accreditation, Placement, and Licensure Handbooks

The following handbooks provide essential information regarding unit assessments, field placements, program manager responsibilities and student teaching.

Assessment Handbook

This handbook contains important information about the Assessment System of the Educator Preparation Program at The Ohio State University, which is to collect, compile, analyze, and maintain information in an effort to manage and improve candidate, unit, and program performance. The assessment system is designed to facilitate the execution of the mission and goals of our Conceptual Framework, standards for school professionals in Ohio, and Specialized Professional Association standards of the respective programs. Together, these provide common unit outcomes that are assessed through candidate key assessments, surveys and Institutional data. The assessment system helps to ensure candidates are ready to transition through stages of their program, and that our program completers have the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for the teaching profession.

Field Experience Handbook                                              

This PDF iconhandbook serves as our students’ official handbook of information and guidelines, allowing them to further their understanding and knowledge of best practices and educational expectations. This handbook covers the overriding procedures with regards to placements and expectations for the Educator Preparation Unit. Candidates will be able to assess their students for progress, evaluate pedagogy, collaborate with others, effectively work with all students in diverse learning environments, and develop the knowledge, skills, and disposition to practice with integrity and ethical behavior.

Program Manager Handbook

This handbook has been created to assist in your role as program manager. Your role varies as much as its title, as one program manager may have teaching and supervision responsibilities, and another only manage the students within the program. The handbook provides an overview of some of the common roles and responsibilities you may be required to perform, as well as providing detailed information about the Office of Education Preparation, accreditation, field placements, assessments and services for students.

The Ohio State University Local Professional Development Committee (OSU-LPDC) Handbook

This PDF iconhandbook is for the OSU-LPDC, which is is a professional organization that reviews professional development activities completed by full and part-time educators and staff within the University that are to be used for the renewal of certificates or licenses. It is oriented toward the needs of a talented, diverse pool of practitioners interested in maintaining professional status in fields related to their current work, and necessary for their continued personal and professional growth across careers and institutions. The committee plans, promotes, and facilitates the connection between an effective and efficient professional educator Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) and state license renewal standards. This organization determines whether professional development activities meet the requirement for licensure renewal, and validate the skills and knowledge gained through educator professional development by the approval and issuance of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).