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Robert DiSilvestro

Professor, Department of Human Sciences

Program Area: Human Nutrition

(614) 292-6848


  • Purdue University, B.S., Biochemistry, 1975
  • Texas A&M University, Ph.D., Biochemistry, 1982

Research Interests

Research Summary

Diverse interests include nutritional biochemistry, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition and nutritional pharmacology.  Studies evaluate both wet lab measurements and big picture practical measures such as body weight and composition, exercise performance, and pathology progression.  A current emphasis is also placed on commercialization of research findings.

Selected Publications

  • DiSilvestro RA, Joseph E, Raimo A, Kim YM. Copper supplementation effects on blood copper enzymes and plasma cardiovascular health markers in middle aged people. Metabolism, in press.
  • DiSilvestro RA,Verbruggen MA, Offut EJ (2011) Anti-heartburn effects of a fenugreek fiber product. Phytotherapy Res 25:88-91.
  • Calarge CA, Farmer C, DiSilvestro R, Arnold LE (2010) Serum Ferritin and Amphetamine Response in Youth with ADHD. J Child Adol Psychop 20:495-502.
  • Wagner G, DiSilvestro RA (2007) Effects of various forms of calcium on body weight and bone turnover markers in women participating in a weight loss program. J Am Coll Nutr 26:456-461.
  • DiSilvestro RA, Goodman J, Dy E, Joseph E (2005) Soy extract increases erythrocyte superoxide dismutase activities in breast cancer survivors. Br Cancer Treat Res 89:251-255.
  • Selsby J, DiSilvestro RA, Devor ST (2004) Mg2 -creatine chelate and a low-dose creatine supplementation regimen improve exercise performance. J Strength Condit Res 18:311-315.
  • DiSilvestro RA, Carlson GP (1994) Effects of mild zinc deficiency, plus or minus acute phase response, on CCl4 hepatotoxicity. Free Radic Biol Med 16:57-61.
  • DiSilvestro RA, Liu J, Klaassen CD (1996) Transgenic mice overexpressing metallothionein are not resistant to adriamycin cardiotoxicity. Res Comm Molec Pathol Pharmacol 93:163-170.
  • Yang FL, David EA, DiSilvestro RA (1993) Neonatal rat liver contains low concentrations of Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase protein and mRNA. Biochim Biophys Acta 1156:232-234.
  • DiSilvestro RA, Yang FL, David EA (1992) Species specific heterogeneity for molecular weight estimates of serum extracellular superoxide dismutase activities. Comp Biochem Physiol 101B:531-534.