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Tiffany Wild

Associate Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning

Program Areas:

  • Multicultural and Equity Studies in Education
  • Language, Education, and Society

(614) 292-4783


Tiffany Wild is assistant professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. She taught middle and high school in Lancaster, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio. She also was an itinerant teacher for the project Providing Access to the Visual Environment in Middle Tennessee. She earned her BA at Capital University, BSEd at Ohio University, MEd from Vanderbilt University and her PhD from The Ohio State University.

A theme across her research projects is that they are qualitative in nature and present a commitment to access and equity. Specifically she has examined scientific conceptual understandings of students with visual impairments. This work has included exploring students' with visual impairments conceptual understanding of astronomical, physical, geologic, and environmental science through inquiry-based education.  In addition, she has examined teacher perceptions of science education for students with visual impairments.  


  • PhD, Visual Impairment, Department of Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University, 2008
  • MEd, Special Education: Visual Impairments, Vanderbilt University, 2005
  • BSEd, Middle Childhood Science and Mathematics Education, Ohio University, 2001
  • BA, Environmental Science and Mathematics, Capital University, 1999

Research Interests

Research Summary

Wild currently is working on the following projects:

  • NFB STEM2U Researcher
  • 3D Printing and Tactual Learning of Students with Visual Impairments
  • Personnel Preparation of Teachers of the Blind and Visually Impaired – Supported by the US
  • Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs
  • Health Education for Students with Visual Impairments


  • Council for Exceptional Children; Division on Visual Impairment and Deaf/blind Board Member, Representative, and President-Elect
  • Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired; Ohio President-Elect, President, Legislative Committee Chair, National Division on Multiple Disabilities and Deaf/blindness Chair
  • National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities; University Consortium Member
  • Association for Science Teacher Educators; Equity Committee Member
  • Peer Reviewer; Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, Journal of Research in Science Teaching


  • NWTF Conservation Educator of the Year, 2005
  • National Center for Leadership in Visual Impairments Fellow, 2005 - 2008
  • Dissertation of the Year; Council for Exceptional Children Division for Visual Impairment, 2012

Selected Publications

  • Wild, T., Kelley, S., Blackburn, M., Ryan, C. (2014).  Adults with Visual Impairments Report on their Sex Education Experiences. Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research. (4)2.
  • Kahn, S., Wild, T., Woolsey, L, Haegele, J (January, 2014). Let's Get Physical: Making Science Accessible for Students with Physical Disabilities.  Science and Children, 15(15), 37-43.
  • Wild, T., Hilson, M., Farrand, K.  (May 2013). Conceptual Understanding of Geological Concepts by Students with Visual Impairments.  Journal of Geoscience Education, 61, 222-230.
  • Wild, T., Hilson, M., Hobson, S. (March-April, 2013). Conceptual Understandings of Sound by Students’ with Visual Impairments.  Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 107(2), 107-116.
  • Wild, T. (2012). Teacher perceptions regarding teaching and learning of seasonal change concepts of middle school students’ with visual impairments.  Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities, 16(1), 1-13.
  • Wild, T., Paul, P. (Summer, 2012). Perceptions of science educational practices for students with visual impairments. Insight: Research and Practice in Visual Impairment and Blindness, 5(2), 93-99.
  • Wild, T., Trundle, K. (2010). Talking turkey: Teaching about America's greatest conservation story with children with visual impairments. Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 104(4), 197-201
  • Wild, T., Trundle, K. (2010). Conceptual understandings of middle school students' with visual impairments concerning seasonal change. Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 104(2), 107-118.
  • Wild, T., Allen, A. (2009). Policy analysis of science based best practices for students with visual impairments. Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 103(10), 113-117.
  • Wild, T., Koehler, K. (2008). Teaching science to students with visual impairments. Penguins and Polar Bears [electronic journal].
  • Hagevik, R., Wild, T., Maulucci, M.R., Mensah, F.M., Woolsey, L. (2012, January). Using Video to Help Teachers Learn to Teach Science to Special Needs and Culturally Diverse Students. Invited session of the Equity Committee at the Paper presented at the annual international meeting of the Association for Science Teacher Educators, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Wild, T., Trundle, K. (2009, April). Conceptual Understandings of Middle School Students' with Visual Impairments Concerning Seasonal Change. Paper presented at the annual international meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Orange Grove, CA.
  • Wild, T., Paul, P., Kurz, N. (2008, July). Curriculum Standards, Pedagogical Practices, Inclusion, Assessment, and Collaboration with Science Content Educators Implementing Science Education for Students with Visual Impairments. Paper presented at the biannual international meeting of the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Chicago, IL.
  • Kurz, N., Wild, T., Paul, P. (2008) Teachers of the Visually Impaired beliefs: The relationship between teachers' sense of efficacy, adaptive technology, and management decisions. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Meeting, New York.