Brian Focht

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Interim Chairperson, Department of Educational Studies
Professor, Department of Human Sciences
Vice Chair (9M), Department of Human Sciences

Program Area: Kinesiology

(614) 292-2165


Dr. Brian C. Focht is a professor of Kinesiology in the Department of Human Sciences. His research and professional interest is in the area of exercise and health psychology/behavior with a particular emphasis on exercise oncology, physical activity promotion in chronic disease prevention/management and the effects of exercise on quality of life/psychological well-being. Dr. Focht is the Director of the Exercise and Behavioral Medicine Lab and an associate member of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and Food Innovation Center. Dr. Focht has more than 100 scientific publications and his research has been funded by the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Disorders, LIVESTRONG Foundation, and the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center and Food Innovation Center. Dr. Focht is a fellow of the National Academy of Kinesiology and American College of Sports Medicine, a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has served as a consultant to the National Institutes of Health, Italian Ministry of Health, and Canadian Cancer Society.


  • PhD, Health and Human Performance, University of Florida, 2000
  • MS, Exercise Science, University of Florida, 1997
  • BS, Exercise Science, East Stroudsburg University, 1994

Research Interests

Research Summary

Following are current research projects Dr. Focht is investigating:

  • Improving Maintenance of Physical Activity in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients Pilot Trial (IMPACT-P)
  • Individualized Diet and Exercise Adherence in Prostate Cancer Patients Pilot Trial (IDEA-P)
  • Mindfulness-based lifestyle intervention in endometrial cancer survivors
  • Social cognitive correlates of physical activity in breast cancer patients

Selected Publications

  • Chaplow, Z., Focht, B.C., Lucas, A., Grainger, E., Fairman, C.M., DeScenza, V.R., Thomas-Ahner, J., Bowman, J., Buell, J., & Clinton, S.K. (2020). Effects of a group-mediated exercise and diet intervention on change in body composition in prostate cancer patients undergoing androgen deprivation therapy. Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia, and Muscle-Clinical Reports5, 52-60.
  • Chaplow, Z., Lucas, A.R., Grainger, E., Fairman, C.M., DeScenza, V.R., Dispennette, K., Bowman, J., Haynam, M., Zhang, X., Clinton, S.K., & Focht, B.C. (2022). Social cognitive outcomes are associated with improvements in mobility performance in prostate cancer patients undergoing androgen deprivation therapy. PLOS-One
  • Focht, B.C., Fairman, C.M., Chaplow, Z., DeScenza, V.R., Bowman, J., Hackshaw, K.V., Ambrosius, W.A., Zhang, X., Dispennette, K., & Rejeski, W.J. (2022). The Collaborative Lifestyle Intervention Program for Overweight or Obese Knee Osteoarthritis Patients (CLIP-OA): Design and Methods. Contemporary Clinical Trials
  • DeScenza, V.R., Chaplow, Z.L., Bowman, J., Sutherland, S. & Focht, B.C. (2022). A qualitative investigation of barriers and enablers to offering cancer-specific exercise wellness programs among community-based health and fitness professionals. Translational Journal of American College of Sports Medicine
  • Zhang, X., Shoben, A., Felix, A.S., Focht, B.C.^, Bowman, J., DeScenza, V.R., Chaplow, Z., & Paskett E.D. (2023). The Feasibility and Acceptability of a Telephone-based Weight Loss Intervention in Rural Ohio. PLOS One.
  • Miller, C.K., King, D., Nagaraja, H.N., Fujita, K., Cheavens, J., & Focht, B.C. (2023). Impact of an augmented intervention on self-regulatory, dietary, and physical activity outcomes diabetes prevention trial among adults with prediabetes. Journal of Behavioral Medicine
  • Haynam, M., DeScenza, V.R., Fairman, C.M., Bowman, J., Chaplow, Z.L., Dispennette, K., Hohn, S. Zhang, X., Kilar, M., Lustberg, M., & Focht, B.C.*^ (2023). Design and methods of a translational lifestyle weight management intervention pilot trial among overweight or obese breast cancer survivors. Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications