Lydia Medeiros

Faculty Emeritus, Department of Human Sciences


  • Ph.D.,Univ. of Wyoming Food Science, 1987, Laramie, Wyoming
  • M.S., Auburn University Nutrition, 1977, Auburn, Alabama
  • B.S., Auburn University Nutrition, 1975, Auburn, Alabama


  • 1989 - Present The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Nutrition and Food Safety Education
  • 1987 - 1989 University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, Assistant Professor and Extension Food Specialist


  • HN 806 Advanced Nutrition Education
  • HN 804 Community and International Nutrition
  • HN 694V Food Safety and High Risk Groups
  • HN 694A Food Safety - A Comprehensive Approach
  • HN 313 Food in Different Cultures,3 credits

Selected Grants

  • Medeiros LC, LeJeune JT, Scharff R, Kendall PA, Sofos J, Baker S. Risk and Protection Factors for Foodborne Illnesses in Perinatal and Infant Populations. USDA, National Integrated Food Safety Initiative, 2006-2010, $1.5
  • M. Sofos, J (Principal Investigator). Understanding and controlling Listeria monocytogenes transmission through ready-to-eat meat products from processing plant to consumer. USDA, National Integrated Food Safety Initiative, 2005-2009, $2.0M (Medeiros LC, sub-contractor. $83,028).
  • Medeiros LC, LeJeune J, Kendall PA, Sofos, J. Incidence, Significance, and Control of Listeria monocytogenes in the Home Environment. USDA, National Integrated Food Safety Initiative, 2005-2008, $599,984.

Selected Publications

  • Kendall P, Elsbernd A, Sinclair K, Schroeder M, Chen G, Bergman V, Hillers V, Medeiros L. Validation of a self-report food safety behavior questionnaire. Journal of Food Protection, in press.
  • Athearn PN, Kendall PA, Hillers V, Schroeder M, Bergman V, Chen G, Medeiros L. Awareness and acceptance of current food safety recommendations during pregnancy. Maternal and Child Health Journal, in press.
  • Morales S, Kendall P, Medeiros L, Hillers V, Schroeder M. Health care providers' attitudes toward current food safety recommendations for pregnant women. Applied Nursing Research 2004;17:178-186.
  • Medeiros L, Hillers V, Chen G, Bergmann V, Kendall P, Schroeder M. Design and development of food safety knowledge and attitude scales for consumer food safety education. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 2004;104:xxx-xxx (November).
  • Park SC, Liu-Stratton Y, Medeiros LC, McCune SA, Radin MJ. Synergistic effect of male sex and obesity on platelet arachidonic acid content and aggregation in hypertensive, heart failure prone SHHF rats. Exper Biology and Medicine 2004;229:657-664.
  • Hillers VN, Medeiros LC, Kendall P, Chen G, DiMascola S. Consumer food handling behaviors associated with prevention of thirteen foodborne illnesses. Journal of Food Protection 2003;66:1893-1899.
  • Kendall P, Medeiros LC, Hillers V, Chen G, DiMascola S. Food handling behaviors of special importance for the pregnant, young, elderly and immune compromised. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 2003:103:1646-1649.
  • Medeiros LC, Kendall P, Hillers V, Chen G, DiMascola S. Identification and classification of consumer food handling behaviors for food safety education. Journal of the American Dietetics Association 2001;101:1326-1322, 1337-1339.
  • Medeiros LC, Hillers VN, Kendall PA, Mason A. Evaluation of food safety education for consumers. Journal of Nutrition Education 2001;33:S27-S34.
  • Medeiros LC, Hillers VN, Kendall PA, Mason A. Food safety education: What should we be teaching? Journal of Nutrition Education 2001;33:108-113.

Selected Presentations

  • Risk Behaviors of Target Audiences. 2006
  • Food Safety Education Conference; Reaching At-Risk Audiences and Today's Other Food Safety Challenges. USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service, Denver, CO, September 2006.
  • Food Safety Issues and High Risk Audiences. Safe Food 2010
  • Conference, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Phoenix, AZ, July 2006.
  • Food Safety Education - An Integrated Approach. USDA National Research Initiative Program Directors Meeting. USDA, Washington, DC, August 2005.
  • Medeiros LC. The Role of Food Safety in Protecting the Health of Older Adults. Lillian Smith Conference for Nutrition Educators. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, June 2004.