Steven Stone-Sabali

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Studies

Program Area: School Psychology


  • PhD, Counseling Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin
  • MEd, Counseling Psychology, Temple University
  • BS, Computer Science and Business, The University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

  • Counseling Psychology
    • Mental Health and Academic Achievement
    • Multicultural Counseling and Supervision
    • Psychosocial Variables (shame, impostorism, discrimination, resilience, marginalization, racial identity)
    • Racial Ally Development

Research Summary

The goal of Dr. Stone-Sabali’s research is to improve the lives of underrepresented individuals of color. This is accomplished by centering investigative attention on the voices and experiences Black and African American young adults in the educational and wellbeing contexts. Past studies have included investigations into the interactions between various mental health and psychological constructs, such as the impostor phenomenon, racial identity, discrimination, activism, shame, anxiety, and depression. In addition, Stone-Sabali’s research examines individuals who interact with Black and African American individuals, such as educators, practitioners, and service providers. To this end, research inquiries are designed to illuminate factors that contribute to productive cross-racial interactions, and highlight the characteristics of racial ally or multicultural development. Ultimately, empirical findings are used to inform others about the experiences of Black and African American individuals and how to contribute to their experiences in a productive manner.