Binaya Subedi

Headshot of Binaya Subedi

Associate Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning
Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning

Program Area: Multicultural and Equity Studies in Education

(740) 366-9269


Dr. Subedi’s is an educator and community-based researcher/worker, and his research examines the intersection of anti-Asian racism, anti-racist pedagogies and community-based advocacy.  In particular, the research engages with assets or community cultural wealth of immigrant/refugee communities and its implications to teacher education. Dr. Subedi’s scholarship also engages with the need to critique deficit representations of communities within the Global South and advocates for decolonizing teaching and research practices. His current research includes transdisciplinary collaborations on immigrant youth advocacy efforts and mental health challenges immigrant/refugee communities faced during the pandemic.

Dr. Subedi has published in journals such asRace, Ethnicity and Education, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, Qualitative Inquiry, Educational Studies. Theory and Research in Social Education, Theory into Practice and Equity and Excellence in Education. He is the of the book: Critical global perspectives: Rethinking knowledge about global societies. Dr. Subedi served as co-editor of the nationally and internationally recognized journal Education Studies from 2015-18. He has served on numerous leadership capacities with AERA (American Educational Research Association).

An important aspect of Dr. Subedi’s work includes community outreach and advocacy in solidarity with marginalized communities. The projects have included culturally responsive leadership development practices and youth mentoring projects within under-resourced immigrant communities. Dr. Subedi also collaborates with non-profit organizations (Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services, Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio, etc.) to seek policy reforms within state, national and global contexts.


  • PhD, The Ohio State University
  • MA, Slippery Rock University
  • BS, Culver Stockton College

Selected Publications

  • Subedi, B. (2023). Miseducation, travels and contesting racialized works within and outside of academia. In T. F Kirkwood-Tucker & F. Doppen (Eds), The power of oral history narratives. Charlotte, NC.: Information Age Publishing.
  • Maleku, M., Subedi, B., Kim, Y.K, Haran, H. & Pyakurel, S. (2022). Toward healing-centered engagement to address mental well-being among young Bhutanese-Nepali refugee women in the United States: Findings from the cultural leadership project. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work, DOI: 10.1080/15313204.2022.2161684.
  • Subedi, B. & Macias, L. F. (2022). Decolonizing Cinco de Mayo and Sherpa cultural appropriations. Educational Foundations, 35(1), 80-107.
  • Subedi, B. & Maleku, A. (2021). Bhutanese-Nepali young women’s experiences with racism inside and outside of schools. Educational Studies, 57(2), 142-165. 
  • Subedi, B. (2020). Sensational human rights curriculum and the discourse on saving the other. Gender & Education, 32(6), 715-731.  
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  • Subedi, B. & Subreenduth, S. (2018). Examining Noddings’ “educational malpractice” assertion: Serious considerations for local-global issues in social studies education. Theory into Practice, 57(4), 307-315.