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Brian A. Turner is a professor and coordinator of the graduate Sport Management in the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. He earned his bachelor of science degree in secondary education from Baylor University and his masters of education degree in physical education from Tarleton State University. He received his PhD in sport management from Ohio State in 2001.

Prior to his current position, Dr. Turner served three years as the Director of Sport Management at DeSales University and one year as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma.

He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and made more than 100 presentations at national and international conferences. Additionally, Dr. Turner has co-edited two editions of the textbook Marketing for Sport Business Success. He is past co-editor for the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics and currently serves on five editorial review boards.

In 2007, Dr. Turner was named a North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) Research Fellow and was awarded the organization’s Distinguished Sport Management Educator Award in 2017. He was awarded the College of Education and Human Ecology’s Distinguished Teaching Award the same year. Currently, he serves on the Athletic Council at Ohio State.


  • PhD, Sport Management, The Ohio State University, 2001
  • MEd, Physical Education, Tarleton State University, 1997
  • BS, Secondary Education, Baylor University, 1988

Research Interests

Research Summary

Turner's research areas lie in the general area of Organizational Behavior. Currently, his primary interest is commitment among intercollegiate athletic coaches. He also focusing on the following: 1) research methods in sport management; 2) commitment of student-athletes; and 3) employee behavior in sport organizations.

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

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  3. Turner, B. A., Miloch, K., & Parkhouse, B. L. (2017). Future of sport marketing. In B. A. Turner & K. Miloch (Eds.), Marketing for sport business success (2nd ed., pp. 337-356). Kendall-Hunt Publishing.

Peer-Reviewed Research Articles 

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