Ann O'Connell

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Professor, Department of Educational Studies

Program Area: Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement

(614) 247-6886

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  • EdD, Measurement and Evaluation, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1993
  • MS, Statistics, University of Connecticut, 1985
  • BA, Mathematics, Western New England College, 1983

Research Interests


  • Fulbright Scholar, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University (7 months) 2013-2014.
  • Recipient, Educational Statisticians’ Outstanding Service Award. American Educational Research Association, April, 2014.
  • Recipient, Lorne H. Woolatt Distinguished Paper Award, Northeastern Educational Research Association (NERA), with Jessica Goldstein (graduate student), 2004.
  • Honorable Mention, Research Brief on Ability Grouping in Kindergarten; National Association for Gifted Children, with D. Betsy McCoach (graduate student), 2002.
  • Recipient, College of Education Outstanding Award for Research, 1999. University of Memphis.
  • Volunteer of the Month, December 1995: Friends for Life HIV Resources, Memphis, TN.
  • Nominated, College of Education Teaching Award, 1994. University of Memphis.

Selected Publications


  • O’Connell, A.A., McCoach, D.B., & Bell, B. (Eds.) (in press). Multilevel Modeling Methods with Introductory and Advanced Applications. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • O'Connell, A.A. & McCoach, D.B. (Eds.) (2008). Multilevel Modeling of Educational Data. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • O'Connell, A.A. (2006). Logistic Regression Models for Ordinal Response Variables. Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Book Chapters

  • O’Connell, A.A., Logan, J., Pentimonti, J. & McCoach, D.B. (2013). Linear and Quadratic Growth Models for Continuous and Dichotomous Outcomes. In Y. Petscher & C. Schatschneider (Eds.). Applied Quantitative Analysis in the Social Sciences, NY: Routledge.
  • McCoach, D.B., Madura, J., Rambo, K., O’Connell, A.A. & Welsh, M. (2013). Longitudinal data analysis. In T. Teo (Ed.), Handbook of Quantitative Methods for Educational Research. Sense Publications.
  • O'Connell, A.A. & Amico, K.R. (2010). Logistic Regression. In The Reviewers Guide to Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences, Gregory R. Hancock and Ralph O. Mueller (Eds.). Routledge.
  • Snyder, L. & O'Connell, A.A. (2008). Event History Analysis for Communications Research. In Sage Handbook of Advanced Data Analysis Methods for Communication Research, M.D. Slater, A.F. Hayes, and L. B. Snyder, (Eds.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • O'Connell, A.A., Goldstein, J., Rogers, J. & Peng, C.J. (2008). Multilevel Logistic Models for Dichotomous and Ordinal Data. In Multilevel Modeling of Educational Data, Ann A. O'Connell and D.Betsy McCoach (Eds.). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • O'Connell, A.A. & McCoach, D.B. (2008). Introduction: Pedagogy and Context for Multilevel Modeling. In Multilevel Modeling of Educational Data, Ann A. O'Connell and D.Betsy McCoach (Eds.). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • O’Connell, A.A., Reed, S. & Serovich, J. (in press). The efficacy of serostatus disclosure for HIV transmission risk reduction. AIDS and Behavior.
  • Anderman, E.M., Gimbert, B., O’Connell, A.A. & Riegel, L. (in press). Approaches to academic growth assessment. British Journal of Educational Psychology. (Invited submission for special issue).
  • Yaeger-Pelatti, C., Piasta, S., O’Connell, AA, & Justice, LJ (in press). Language- and literacy-learning opportunities in early childhood classrooms: Children's typical experiences and within-classroom variability. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 29(4), 445-456.
  • LARRC. (In press). Use of the curriculum research framework (CRF) for developing a reading-comprehension curricular supplement for the primary grades. Elementary School Journal.
  • LARRC, Pratt, A. & Logan, J. (in press). Improving language-focused comprehension instruction in primary-grade classrooms: impacts of the let’s know! experimental curriculum. Educational Psychology Review.
  • Schmitt, M.B., Justice, L. M., & O’Connell, A.A. (2014). Vocabulary gain among children with language disorders: Contributions of children’s behavior regulation and emotionally-supportive environments. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 23, 373-384. doi:10.1044/2014_AJSLP-12-0148
  • Wardwell, KK, Focht, BC, DeVries, AC, O’Connell, AA, Buckworth, J (2013). Affective Responses to Self-Selected and Imposed Walking in Inactive High Stress Women: A Pilot Study. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 53(6), 701-712.
  • Graham, JE, Deutsch, A, O’Connell, AA, Karmarkar, AM, Granger, CV, Ottenbacher, KJ (2013). Inpatient rehabilitation volume and functional outcomes in stroke, lower extremity fracture, and lower extremity joint replacement. Medical Care, 51(5), 404-412.
  • Hsu, Y-T., Buckworth, J., Focht, B. & O’Connell, A.A. (2013). Feasibility of a self-determination theory-based exercise intervention promoting Healthy at Every Size with sedentary overweight women: Project CHANGE. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 14, 283-292.
  • O’Connell, A.A. & Reed, S. (2012). Hierarchical data structures, institutional research, and multilevel modeling. In J. Lott & J. Antony (Eds.) (Special Issue), New Directions in Institutional Research, 154, 5-22.
  • Li, J. & O’Connell, A.A. (2012). Obesity, high-calorie food intake, and academic achievement trends among US school children. Journal of Educational Research, 105, 391-403.
  • Tull, M.C. & O’Connell, A.A. (2012). Investments in human capital pay dividends for courts. Future Trends in State Courts: Special Focus on Courts and Community. National Center for State Courts.
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  • Liu, X., O’Connell, A.A., Koirala, H. (2011). Ordinal regression analysis: Predicting mathematics proficiency using the continuation ratio model. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 10(2), 513-527.
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  • Osborn CY, Amico KR, Cruz N, Perez-Escamilla R, Kalichman SC, O'Connell A, Wolf SA, Fisher JD. (2011). Development and implementation of a culturally tailored diabetes intervention in primary care. Translational Behavioral Medicine: Practice, Policy, Research, 1(3), 468-479.
  • Anderman, E.M., Cupp, P.K., Lane, D.R., Zimmerman, R., Gray, D. & O’Connell, A.A. (2011). Classroom goal structures and HIV/pregnancy prevention education in rural high school health classrooms. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 21(4), 904-922.
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