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Alana Oif

Cleveland, OH
MA, Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis - Ohio State; BS, Education, Special Education - Ohio State
“We are provided with endless opportunities to explore our interests and passions.”

What has drawn you to the field of special education?

I have always believed that every person is capable of learning and making progress. Each person has his or her own unique talents, strengths, and aspirations. Special Education provides an opportunity to harness these strengths and help build confidence in those who may be struggling.

Why Ohio State to continue your studies?

The Special Education program at Ohio State has some of the most dedicated and passionate professors.  As a graduate student, we are provided with endless opportunities to explore our interests and passions.  We get to work closely with our professors to develop interesting studies and help further contribute to the field of education.

What types of opportunities have you had during your graduate studies at Ohio State?

I have been extremely fortunate to have received many diverse experiences and opportunities through Ohio State.  I have worked on a large Institute for Education Sciences (IES) grant which has provided me with the opportunities to present at many different conferences throughout the country.  I have conducted research with a wide range of professors about topics that suite my interests.

How would you describe the support you get from faculty and staff in EHE? How has that influenced your experience?

I have been extremely supported by the faculty and staff in EHE. I have built professional relationships that will continue to grow as I pursue my doctorate at Ohio State. As a master’s student, I was able to help lead my own study that focused on reading intervention for at-risk students. I had support going over my data collection and also guidance for how to proceed when I was not sure of the next steps to take. All of the faculty is genuinely interested in helping you explore your interests and providing you with opportunities to get experience in the areas you find most interesting.

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You’ve finished your master’s degree and just began your PhD. What are your expectations for your doctoral work?

I would like to continue to conduct research primarily focused on reading intervention for at-risk students. I will be helping to run two studies next year and will enjoy collaborating with the faculty and staff as I try to make an impact on the field of education.

I would like to continue to foster these strong relationships and support others as they try to conduct their own studies as well. I would like to continue to grow professionally by taking additional classes that will enhance my knowledge and provide me with additional skills.  

What makes Columbus an exciting city for you?

Columbus is such a young and vibrant city and there are numerous things to do. From delicious restaurants, sporting events, farmers markets, and museums, there is something interesting for everyone here.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Work hard. Say yes to every opportunity you receive because you never know where it will lead you. Make sure to build excellent relationships with your peers and faculty. Be hungry for knowledge and try to get the most out of your coursework. Finally, figure out what your passion is and look for experiences that will enhance your knowledge and expertise.

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