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Terrell Ware

Tacoma, Washington
BS, Biology – Washington State University
"The Ohio State University is an institution with many opportunities, more opportunities than any university campus I have ever set foot on."

What attracted you to education?

My interest in education is multifaceted. I entered education to change a perception I came across through my journey to becoming academically minded. The perception was that being white was being educated. I was called white in a derogatory way for wanting to be educated. I would like to change the perception that the way someone looks must determine how they act. Especially because the current status quo selects for some groups of people to act in ways that are counter-productive to educated individuals. I also have a desire to give back to the community that has been essential to me flourishing as a human being. I have been blessed with great mentors, and wish to give back by igniting the fires in young minds to go out and achieve their dreams.

You’re from Washington. How did you find the MEd at Ohio State?

I did a summer research opportunity program at The Ohio State University the summer of 2016. I met and spoke with many professors in the Teaching and Learning department. I expressed my intention to become a teacher, and was informed about the MEd program.

What has impressed you about your program in EHE?

An incredibly supportive faculty. All of my instructors and directors have supported me through both ups and downs. I really feel like they care, and that they want us to do well. I have also found the other master’s and bachelor’s students in the education program to be innovative minds, and I continue to learn from every day.

How has Ohio State made your education great?

The Ohio State University is an institution with many opportunities, more opportunities than any university campus I have ever set foot on. Never have I had so many choices of libraries, of study locations, and of faculty members willing to mentor and guide me. I feel I made the correct choice in choosing to go to Ohio State. Especially because I know Ohio State actively supports equal opportunity for all students, and that it has done so for many years.

What impact do you hope to make as a teacher?

I hope to help students pursue, and achieve their passions. I don't want to teach students, and only teach them conceptual knowledge. I want to build a relationship with each and every one of them. I want to teach them life skills, and bring their cultural experiences into the classroom. I wish to have all of my students experience at least one moment where they feel they belong in the science classroom.

Man with blue argyle-patterned shirt wearing backpack stands on The Oval in front of Thompson Library at Ohio State

Tell me about the importance of Ohio State connecting you with mentor educators.

I think the mentor educator can make or break a first year teacher’s experience. If the mentor teacher desires to have the intern learn vicariously through them, then I think the intern is in a good spot. Personally, I could not imagine going through the training of the teacher profession without a mentor. There is so much to learn about kids, and so many mistakes an intern won't make by learning from the mentor.

What kinds of opportunities have you had outside of the classroom?

Outside the classroom, I have had the opportunity to try a few different restaurants around Columbus, there are a variety of delicious restaurants all over the place. Some of the most interesting experiences I've had was having conversations with strangers at work. One lady told me she went to Ohio State many years ago. She was from a homogenous small town. Everyone was from the same ethnic background and held the same beliefs. Undergraduate studies at Ohio state was her first time leaving her hometown. She said one of the ideas she remembered most about the university was the importance in understanding diverse cultures. She said she gained insight that otherwise may never have been learned. Often, some of the most interesting experiences in Columbus will happen outside the classroom, spontaneously, and unpredictably.

How can an incoming student get the most out of his or her experience at Ohio State?

Get to know your cohort and get to know them well. The master’s program is a taxing experience. If you are someone like me, who came to Columbus knowing close to no one, you will need a network of people to confide in. Your cohort has similar interests, and teaching tends to attract a certain kind of person. You're likely to find a nice group of friends to fall back on within the program, so long as you put yourself out there.