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Graduate Application Checklist 

Department of Educational Studies

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Materials you will need:


Ohio State accepts copies of official transcripts only. Review for information on where to send transcripts. Transcripts must be received by the graduate school to be considered official, Do NOT send transcripts directly to Educational Studies.

Letters of Recommendation

We do not accept letters of recommendation before your application is submitted or by mail, absent extenuating circumstances. Please identify three individuals to write your recommendations. They should have academic, supervisory and/or personal knowledge of your capabilities. Within five business days of submitting your application and paying the fee (if required), your references will receive an automated email request for their letters.

Curriculum vitae/resume.

Prepare an updated CV or resume, typed, that includes academic background and accomplishments, relevant professional experiences, other involvement or service experiences, honors and any other information that will help us understand your background and the types of experiences you’ve had.

Statement of Purpose.

Statements are typically 1-2 pages outlining your background and interest in the program. Programs with specific questions you need to address in your statement of purpose are linked below.

Writing Sample.

Some programs require an academic writing sample. This is typically an academic paper completed for a previously taken course, degree program, or for publication. The following programs require a writing sample:

  • Educational Administration-PhD
  • Educational Policy-MA & PhD
  • Educational Psychology-MA & PhD
  • Learning Technologies-PhD
  • Philosophy & History of Education-MA & PhD
  • Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement– MA & PhD specializations
  • Other specializations do NOT require a writing sample.

GRE Scores.

OSU’s institution code is 1592. For scores to be valid, they must be from a GRE administration within the past five years AND be sent directly from ETS to Graduate and Professional Admissions. The following programs require GRE scores:

  • Educational Administration-PhD
  • Educational Psychology-MA & PhD
  • Quantitative Research Measurement and Evaluation-MA & PhD
  • Other specializations do NOT require or consider GRE scores.

International applicants who live in countries where the GRE is not available may request a waiver of this requirement by emailing

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Degree Deadlines:

All applications for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Educational Specialist (EdS), and Masters of Arts (MA) degrees in the department are due on December 1 for autumn semester admission the following year.


MA - Biomedical Education and MA-Workforce Development:

  • October 1 for spring semester
  • March 1 for summer term
  • April 1 for autumn semester

MA - Educational Policy and Philosophy and History of Education

  • October 1 for spring semester
  • April 1 for summer semester
  • December 1 for autumn Semester

MA - Educational Administration

  • March 1 for summer semester (Principal Lic optional)
  • April 1 for autumn semester (degree only)

Master of Learning Technologies (MLT)

  • March 1 for autumn semester

MA-Special Education

  • December 1 for summer semester

Doctorate of Education (EdD) - Higher Education and Student Affairs

  • December 1 for summer semester

Doctorate of Education (EdD) - Educational Administration (Pre-K – grade 12)

  • Even numbered years only, December 1 for summer semester
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Submitting your application:

Apply online.

Follow the link to apply online. Application fees are non-refundable. Fee only applies to graduate students new to Ohio State graduate programs. Click on Find Your Program, then click on “E” and scroll down to Educational Studies. For the MLT, click on “L” and scroll down to Learning Technologies.

If you previously enrolled as a degree seeking graduate student at Ohio State, submit a request for Transfer of Graduate Program application. Choose the application type that best suits your current situation and then choose Intra-University Transfer.