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CTE Licensure Summer 2022 Workshop Registration Guide

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General Information

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) licensure program is offered through the Department of Educational Studies. Details about program requirements can be found on our Licensure page.

The program begins each summer with an initial workshop.

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ES WDE 5677 - New Career and Technical Education Teacher Clinic
(4 credit hours)

Class # Days Time Date Bldg/Rm Instructor
10141 (U)
10140 (G)
MTWRF 8:30AM - 3:18PM July 18, 2022 - August 2, 2022 PAES A145 ZIRKLE*C
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Getting Registered

There are usually two ways in which students can take either of these courses: Undergraduate or Graduate. If a student would like to potentially apply the course(s) toward a graduate degree at The Ohio State University, it should be taken for graduate credit. If a student has no inclination toward a graduate degree, the courses may be taken for undergraduate credit. Registration paperwork should be completed by the first Monday of summer semester to avoid late fees. Registrations received after this date may take additional time for processing.

Undergraduate Registration

If you have never attended Ohio State, you will need to contact the office of Distance Education and E-Learning (ODEE) at 614-292-8860 and they will direct you to the online application. If you have previously attended OSU at any time, contact the Office of Student and Alumni Services at 614-292-9261 and they will reactivate your status as a student, and provide instructions for enrolling in the course.

Graduate Registration

Students interested in earning graduate credit may do so by completing a Graduate Non-Degree form. Please note: students cannot earn graduate credit for undergraduate-only level classes taken in the Graduate School. Some courses indicated with a U (undergraduate) and G (graduate) on may be taken at the undergraduate or graduate level. Undergraduate fees are lower than graduate fees. If you are intending to pursue a master's degree in Workforce Development and you register as Grad Non-Degree, only 10 hours from Grad Non-Degree can be applied to your master's program. Information regarding the master's program is available online.

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Student Information System (SIS)

Students become familiar with and their student center. This houses their schedule, registration appointment times, financial statement information, advising report, degree audits and other information. There is also an on-line student center reference guide to help students navigate this site.

Student Health Insurance

Undergraduate students enrolled for six or more credit hours and Graduate Students enrolled for 5 or more credit hours at Ohio State are automatically placed into Student Health Insurance. If you have your own health insurance and want to waive the Ohio State health insurance, please go to the Registrar's website at and click on web registration for courses. To add or drop Student Health Insurance, you may only do this on or before the 15th calendar day of the semester. Additional information is available at This is the Student health insurance site and gives very specific information on student Health Insurance.

Email Set-Up

The Office of Information Technology controls the setting up of email accounts at the University. They are usually capable of setting this up within 48 hours of the processing of either the College Provisional Status Application or the Grad Non-Degree application. Students must go to in order to obtain an email account and official Ohio State username ( It is imperative that this be done ASAP so that students can access course registration information and their fee statement. Assistance with this process can be obtained through the Ohio State Helpline at 614-688-HELP and

Fee Payment

At the time of registration each semester or soon after a student obtains a username, the Ohio State Fee Statement can be downloaded from the Registrar's website.

Please note that Ohio State will not mail a fee statement so it is important to download, print, and pay via mail or web. More information on fee payment can be found on the University Bursar's website.

Parking, BuckIDs, Library, Etc

During the first class session, our instructors will assist you with parking permits and other administrative tasks required.