Ohio State faculty composite

The Advanced Methods Institute, presented by the college’s QualLab led by Professor Penny Pasque, is drawing near. The college’s faculty will be featured prominently among the many presenters on June 8 and 9. They will discuss the following thought-provoking topics:

  • Theodore Chao — “Digital Storytelling and Photovoice: Using Visual Media for Narrative-based Research”
  • Venus Evans-Winters — “Interrupting Epistemic Apartheid and Scientific Racism: The Possibilities of Daughtering and Black Women’s Narratives for Collective Epistemic Resistance”
  • Donna Ford — “Frameworks, Strategies and Resources for Conducting Equitable, Anti-racist and Culturally Responsible Research”
  • Muhammad Khalifa — “Decolonization and Community-Engaged Research”
  • Rhodesia McMillian — “Discursive Violence Analysis: An Epistemological and Methodological Shift in Education Policy”
  • Leslie Moore will present with colleagues at partner universities — “Language Socialization Research and Social and Linguistic Justice”
  • Stephanie Power-Carter will present “Microethnographic Discourse Analysis (MEDA): A Humanizing Approach”
  • Tim San Pedro — Relational Research Methods with Chosen Family: Centering Reciprocity, Mutuality, and Care

The event will open with the Patti Lather Distinguished Award and Keynote presented by renowned qualitative researcher Gloria Ladson-Billings at 4 p.m., Wednesday, June 7.

Nationally known Faculty Emerita Patti Lather will present Ladson-Billings with the Lather Award, which was created in her honor.

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