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EHE Office of Research
May 20, 2016

Who We Are And What We Do


Budget Creation

As you identify and develop a grant opportunity that supports your research interests, contact senior grants managers Neal Kelley or Bing Tian. They can answer questions and help to create budgets for your proposal.

Submission Management

Once your submission is fully developed, Neal Kelley or Bing Tian will manage the proposal submission process. Working closely with the two OSP program officers assigned to our college, they will oversee your proposal submission from start to finish.

In addition to services offered by EHE Office of Research, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is an essential partner in securing research grants. Our college has been assigned two OSP program officers, one to work with not-for-profit sponsors (Anna Shadley) and one to work with for-profit sponsors (David Fullmer).


Neal Kelley, Senior Grants Manager Bing Tian, Senior Grants Manager



Award management

You’ve been funded. Now what? Schedule an initial meeting with grant and contract specialist Michael Moses to review your award and get assistance with next steps. While this initial meeting is about you and answering your questions, there are certain areas that we typically cover, including:

  • Your role as a PI in the post-award phase
  • Who does what (you, your department or center, EHE Office of Research, OSU Office of Sponsored Projects)
  • Getting your project started, including personnel appointments
  • Overview of the PI Portal

Whether your project is just getting started or coming to a close, Michael can help!

Michael Moses, Grant & Contract Specialist




Our well-attended workshops drew speakers and participants from across the university. Even more are planned for Fall 2016—look on page 8 in this newsletter to see what’s coming up next or view past workshops on the website above.

Research Forum

The EHE Office of Research hosts an annual student research forum highlighting the research efforts of our undergraduate and graduate students. There were over 100 presenters in this year’s forum!


Contracts are required whenever the university enters into an agreement with a non-university entity to exchange funds or services. The EHE Office of Research processes all non-OSP (Office of Sponsored Projects) contracts and tracks their progress until completely executed with all signatures.

Expert Review

Sometimes great ideas need a little polish. We provide funds to bring in outside consultants who can put a shine on previously reviewed research proposals, increasing their funding potential.

GRA Support

The EHE Office of Research provides matching support to EHE PIs to include grant-funded graduate research associates (GRA) student positions in their grant proposal submissions.

Travel Grants

Our travel grants provide funding for faculty, graduate students and posdoctoral researchers to present research at conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

Seed Grants

Have a good idea? The EHE Office of Research grows research through seed grants, funds for researchers to collect preliminary data. In FY2016, we awarded over $100,000 in seed grants.

Research in Schools
Some school districts in Franklin County are part of an Exchange of Services agreement that turns EHE research hours into Ohio State course fee waivers for teachers in those districts. Keeping track of the number of hours spent in schools/districts will allow fee waivers to be authorized to those districts that are part of the agreement.


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